When Hearts Turn

By: Julie Jordan Scott

We stood on the bluffs three blocks from our home, our eyes
reaching out to the scenery which expanded for miles across
the Valley.

Katherine inhaled deeply and said, "You have to admit it:
Bakersfield really is beautiful."

How many times had I looked at that same view and compared
it with other bluffs: ones that I perceived to be far more
pleasing to my eyes?

I blocked the beauty that Katherine saw.

All I tuned into was the oil fields with their derricks and
trucks and criss crossing roadways connecting well to well.
From my perspective it most closely resembled the barrenness
of the moon. I longed for the views from my childhood bluffs
which opened onto the Pacific Ocean.

In the flash of a moment, my perspective changed as I turned
my heart towards both my daughter and the community I call home.
I allowed myself to stretch and see from Katherine's viewpoint.
My heart gently turned.

I smiled and responded, "You are right, Katherine. Bakersfield
IS beautiful."

Last night I did something that took a lot of courage. I made
a phone call to my oldest brother to see if he would be
interested in partnering with me on a project. We rarely speak
these days, something that leaves a void in my life. I decided
to step up to the plate, all the while acknowledging that the
outcome of the conversation could be almost anywhere imaginable.

Our conversation started out well, with me being a combination
of little goofy sister and professional entrepreneurial woman.
Then it happened. I felt a shift.

Something in his words told me he was not seeing or hearing
my perspective.

My words stopped flowing, the little sister and the
professional entrepreneur flew off the phone line and were
replaced by a confused, tongue tied stranger.

In the next moment, something very intriguing happened.

brother said, "I hope you prove me wrong. Then you can laugh
at me for making the wrong decision."

I became fully myself when I spoke the words, "Nahhh, I would
never laugh at you."

Quicker than the words were spoken, I was overtaken with
emotion. It was in that moment I realized how far I had come.
I had known that I was taking a risk in making the call. I knew
that he might not see the vision that I held. And I knew that no
matter what happened, everything would be exactly as it was
meant to be.

As I spoke those words, "I would never laugh at you," my heart
turned towards my brother. And then he turned his heart subtly
towards me. He started asking me questions about my project.
Specific, direct questions.

I muttered some answers as the lump in my throat grew
expansively. The call ended and I hung up the phone.

My children were a bit confused about Mommy walking
around the house crying and saying "I am so proud of myself!
I did it, I did it! I am so proud!" Four year old Emma asked,
"Why are you crying, Mommy? Stop that crying now!" and
Katherine, my wise almost ten year old just stood and
hugged me.

I reached out towards Emma, who did not understand the words
while she understood the hug.

The hug communicated clearly. Our hearts were entwined.

A critical shift happens when your perspective changes and
your heart turns in a different direction. Heart turning
eliminates judgement, competition and comparison. It allows
the individuals to see many perspectives.

Hearts that turn bridge gaps between where you are and where
the possibilities are desiring for you to go. When hearts do
not turn, or worse yet, turn away, the gulf widens.

A turning heart awakens change. It literally allows rebirth.
It has exponential power over trouble and indifference. It
is victorious over darkness. It eclipses death.

In the 14th Century, two significant events swept Europe.
Black Death (also known as the Bubonic Plague) killed by
different accounts 1/3 to ? of the population of Europe. It
was a time of significant social change as the early seeds of
the Renaissance were taking root.

Although challenging to imagine in a 21st century world,
imagine the optimism of the era and the devastation of the era.
Feel for a moment as the energy teetered between the two
opposing feelings.

Death or Rebirth.

Death and Rebirth.

Rebirth and Death.


Turning hearts birth eras.

The key figure in the earliest glimmerings of this rebirth was
Francisco Petrarch: Italian cleric, poet laureate, philosopher.
Renaissance Man. With his heart, he wrote these words in
reference to himself in one of his famous letters: "an
insignificant and obscure name will scarcely penetrate far
in either time or space." And here you sit, reading his
words 7 Centuries later.

We remember how a self proclaimed insignificant figure
together with his contemporaries changed the face of history.

What happened?

Hearts turned and lives changed. Just like today in your life,
when hearts turn, lives will continue to change. The seeds
of transformation are sown by the brave few who say "Yes!"
as they subtly shift towards their destiny.

Henry Ford said these words: "The man who is too set to
change is dead already. The funeral is a mere detail." Allow
yourself to reawaken, become fully alive, rebirth.

Turn your heart towards your destiny.


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