The Mirror Man

By: Peter Murphy

Lady Twilight felt angry. It was one of those days when she was
doing her best to be nice to everyone but nobody was being nice
to her.

What if people could be friendlier she thought to herself as she
wandered through the open air market. It was a warm, sunny day so
there was no use blaming the weather. In that case it must mean
that people just do not like me, she decided.

The chatter of voices was all around while she sat at a table by
the side of the shopping crowd. She sipped a glass of green juice
and felt very alone despite all the shoppers rushing about the
street. Just then she spotted a young man and the newspaper
headline on his paper... Lead And They Will Follow.

Twilight finished her drink and wandered along the street,
feeling heavy, tired and still a little angry with this world
full of unfriendly people. She turned to the left and walked
right past the mirror man, he was there every week selling
mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

He was singing away to himself
until he spotted Twilight, then the sparkle left his eyes and his
face froze into a stern harsh expression.

She glared at him and out of the corner of her eye she caught her
reflection in a mirror. She looked so angry and so bad tempered
that she even surprised herself. So shocked was she by her look
of rage that she burst out laughing.

The mirror man started laughing too and the two of them laughed
until it hurt. With a sore belly, Twilight bade farewell to her
friend and skipped along through the market with an inner
happiness and a smile for everyone she met.

Something weird happened though. At this end of the market
everyone wanted to talk to her, and most people seemed pleased to
see her. People went out of their way to help her and it was a
pleasure dealing with these nice people up this end of the street.

She walked past a news stand and there was that headline again...
Lead And They Will Follow. Something clicked - so that is how it
works. Smile and people will smile back, give first and then you
will receive. The world is like a mirror and people reflect back
to you what you give out.

Although not everyone will be nice back the odds certainly are in
your favor if you take the risk and give first. Lead and let
others follow your example.

People want to be likedFree Reprint Articles, let them know that you like them and
they will feel safer with you and the quality of communication
will improve dramatically.

Lady Twilight smiled and the world smiled back.


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