Quest for Quiet

By: Louise Morganti Kaelin

We live in a very exciting time. New advances in technology
and science are exploding around us. Ideas that were
pipedreams two years ago are reality today, and about to be
replaced by newer, better, more cost-efficient innovations.

Many of these advances have revolutionized our lives. We now
live in a 24x7 world. No matter what we're interested in
or care about, we can get information on it twenty-four
hours a day on TV or through the internet. Individuals are
no longer forced into the same schedule. Night owls now
have something to do until the wee hours!

And with our ability to 'reach out and touch the world'
our sense of community has been enhanced. We are connected
to the world, our families, our work, no matter where we
are, no matter what remote location we find ourselves
visiting (or living in!). Cell phones, email, chat, and
pc-to-pc or pc-to-phone voice services allow us to interact
with the world beyond us, satisfying our basic need for
connection, for community.

As I said, this is an exciting time. But is there a downside
to all this technological wonder? I think there is. In the
'old days', periods of silence and quiet were forced on
us. Time to reflect on the day and on our lives was part of
the pattern of daily living. This quiet time, when the work
of the day was done, left individuals with only their own
thoughts for company. There was plenty of time to think
things through and, more importantly, to go within.

Going within is an often-missed key to successful living.
Without knowing what really matters to us, without the
clarity that comes from self-knowledge, without the peace
of knowing our actions are in harmony with who we are deep
down, we often find ourselves flitting from action to
action. Our focus centers on the 'doing' of our lives and
not the 'being' of our lives.

Going within can be one of the most exciting adventures of
our lifetime. Connecting with ourselves and with a higher
power (regardless of your affiliation or what you call that
higher power) can transform our lives. Our ability to
recognize that the answers are all within us, coupled with
our ability to trust those answers, can move us from
feeling like a victim to claiming the power to create our

Very exciting stuff, indeed!

For many of us, however, it's been a long time since we sat
in the quiet and visited our inner selves. As it is no
longer forced upon us, we must actively seek the time and
space for solitude. Below, I've offered some suggestions
that you might find helpful in your personal 'Quest for

But once you find the time, what do you do then? Slow down
your breathing, meditate, pray, start a journal, focus on
an object, think about a question or issue you'd like
clarity on, just 'sit', sing, anything that makes you
feel connected to your inner self.




Follow your breathing. This is something that you can do
anywhere, anytime. You can do this with your eyes open or
closed. In less than a minute, you can be in a calm,
centered space. All you have to do is start paying
attention to your breathing. That's it! I'm not clear why
it works, but an automatic response to actually focusing on
your breathing is for your breathing -- and you -- to slow
down. Try it now. Two long deep breaths that you really pay
attention to usually does the trick. If you tend to race
through life, it might take 3. I've never seen it take
more than that!




1. Get up 15 minutes earlire or stau up 15 minutes later.

The early hours of the morning and late in the evening are
very conducive times to go within. When the world is quiet,
it's easier for us to be quiet .

2. Double up on bathroom time.

You're sitting there anyway-- so use the time effectively
by thinking of it as little slices of quiet throughout the
day. (Not sure this will work as well for men!)

3. Listen to Classical Music.

Really listen. Follow the music and allow yourself to move
with it. This will work with any music, but if the goal is
to refresh and revitalize your inner spirit, classical
music works best. Try Pachelbel's 'Canon' or Albinoni's

4. Sit by any body of water.

Just sit. Watch the ebb and flow or movement of 'your' body of water.
This works just as well with fountains as it does next to the ocean or
a lake.

5. Take a drive in the country.

Lucky you if you live in the country! You can do this all
the time. If you live in the city, take the shortest route
to wide-open spaces. Drive on back roads where you get to
see lots and lots of trees and maybe even some cows or
horses. Drink in all that nature. [Even the most die-hard
city dwellers will find time spent in the country

6. Sit under a large healthy tree.

Sit with your back right up against the tree. Let yourself
really feel the power of the tree. Get in touch with the
root system and feel the connection to the earth. Powerful
energy here.

7. Notice the landscape as you drive to work.

(If you're in a city, focus on the trees spread along your
route). This is the most important time to find some quiet
moments. Use the time going to and from work to connect to
nature, not on rehashing the events of the day or stressing
about what needs to be done once you get there. You'll be
there soon enough. This is your special quiet time.

8. Find an inspiring object to focus on.

This can be a work of art, the flame of a candle, anything
that you find beauty and simplicity in. Just keep your
attention on it and 'really' notice it. Follow its lines,
curved or straight. Stare at its form and color until you
can truly feel it.

9. Turn of the lights and use candles.

Candlelight immediately puts us in a quiet mood (unless of
course you've got hundreds lit to set up a party mood!) It
is a great signal that it's time to slow down and relax.

10. Turn off all electrical appliances 30 minutes each day.

This includes the TV, radio, computer, video games, anything
that takes your attention away from going within. If
you're a noise junkie, this may be difficult the first
couple of times, but stick with it. Pretend you're living
in another period of time, one that always fascinated you.
They led richBusiness Management Articles, full lives without being bombarded with all
that input.


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