Htc-the Outsourcer That Could

By: David Wood

HTC is the abbreviation for High Tech Computer Corporation, a manufacturer of Microsoft Windows CE portable devices based in Taiwan. It was founded as an outsourcing company on May 15, 1997. Today, it is marketing its own HTC brand of products and is supporting its own operator-branded products as well. The Open Handset Alliance is a consortium of which HTC is a member. These corporations are committed to making their products conform to standards that will allow the open-source Android operating system to run. An Android-based phone will be released by the end of 2008.

The chairwoman of this cutting-edge company is Cher Wang; the President is Peter H. T. Chou. HTC's main divisions are ISO 9001/ISO14001-qualified. This includes the Information Appliance engineering division and Wireless Mobile engineering division. Once Microsoft chose HTC for a hardware platform development partner for the Windows Mobile OS, the company grew exponentially. In 2005, sales totaled $2.2 billion, a 102% increase from 2004. Business Week's Info Tech 100 listed it as the fastest-growing tech company.

The products are sold under the following brand names

*Dopod (a subsidiary of HTC)

Major telecommunication carriers rebrand them and sell them under the following names:

*Verizon Wireless
*Sprint Nextel

Other companies that retail Windows-Mobile-based PDAs manufactured by HTC:

*Dell (x50 series)
*Sharp Corporation

Smartphones (Windows Mobile Standard) developed by HTC:

*HTC Iris (HTC S640)
*HTC Wings
*HTC Erato
*HTC Vox
*HTC Libra
*HTC Foreseer
*HTC Monet (formerly HTC Trilogy)
*HTC Oxygen
*HTC Cavalier
*HTC Excalibur
*HTC Breeze
*HTC Startrek
*HTC Tornado
*HTC Hurricane
*HTC Amadeus
*HTC Feeler
*HTC Typhoon
*HTC Voyager
*HTC Tanager
*HTC Canary
*HTC Juno
Pocket PC Phones produced by HTC (Windows Mobile Professional):

*HTC Sedna
*HTC Panda
*HTC Touch Cruise
*HTC Touch Dual
*HTC Touch
*HTC Vogue
*HTC Kaiser
*HTC Hermes
*HTC Atlas
*HTC Herald
*HTC Athena
*HTC Love
*HTC Gene
*HTC Trinity
*HTC Artemis
*HTC Titan
*HTC Prophet
*HTC Charmer
*HTC Apache
*HTC Galaxy
*HTC Wizard
*HTC Alpine
*HTC Harrier
*HTC Refresh
*HTC Blue Angel
*HTC Magician
*HTC Falcon
*HTC Himalaya
*HTC Wallaby

HTC Shift, running Windows Vista Business OS and Windows Mobile 6 Professional, has a 7-inch widescreen touch-sensitive TFT display, a 30GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi capability. A 1.2 megapixel is front-mounted. It has a fingerprint sensor for security.


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