Are You Saving Money With a Computer Support Plan?

By: Pauliina Roe

As a computer troubleshooter and repair person, I see all kinds of
problems and possibilities. From the quick fix or answer to the
complicated repair, from the problem computer to the occasional
tweak another computer needs - it pays to know a good and
reliable technician to help you.

Lately there have been programs in which online support is offered.
This can be good or bad. The good is there are various programs
you can choose from, and the bad is you might choose poorly and
get stuck with a worthless plan - which in the long run will cost
you more in time and money. Sometimes online support is a much
more economical choice in getting help and support - because you
can avoid an up-front service charge from a hands-on repair shop
and often get enough information to fix something yourself. It won't
work in all cases, but perhaps it will save you some money in many

One online support company, for which I am a technician, at is a good example of a program
run correctly. People can ask a question and if it can be answered
fairly quickly, there is no fee - this can include support via email,
or chat, or phone.

By chat or email, you can assess the technician's
capability before you end up requesting help from him/her. You
will have the opportunity to fund your support account - and then
use it any time you need - no monthly requirements or outlay.
There are over 1000 techies knowledgeable in nearly any capacity
dealing with computers, the Internet, peripherals, etc.

I question the concept of monthly fees for support - because there
are normally many months in which no support is needed. Yes, some
will use their accounts to ask frivolous questions they would never
pay to ask, but only to use up their monthly credits. Still others will
just let the monthly credits go to waste - like so many other plans
that get forgotten but are still paid into monthly.

If you have a truly problem computer that acts up on a regular basis,
then a monthly paid plan might be effective - depending on the
type of problem and whether the monthly allotment will be enough.
If you are still paying for extra support, it might make more sense to
purchase an account that has credits you can use at any time, and can
add funds to at anytime.

This is a similar concept to service plans on appliances - do you
really get your money's worth on those plans? If the appliance isn't
well made, you are better off with a service plan. If it is well made,
a service plan isn't necessary. A little assurance by having some
funds in a service account for when needed makes more sense.

Figure out how reliable or unreliable your computer is, and you will
figure out the best plan you should have. Don't jump on the
bandwagon of anything which, with hype, promises you riches and
gives you services and such that you really don't need. If you have
to pay for something you don't need, rethink your game plan. There
are other options out there. A monthly outlay of money may very
well just be going to waste. Would you rather spend $30/month or
more for a plan that gives you the same service as a $30 account
you can use anytime you want, and fund into it for extra services
if needed? Think about it - concerning your computer - which plan
makes more sense?


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