10 Commandments of MLM Recruiting

By: Doug Firebaugh

2) Thou Shalt Focus on Relationships, not just Distributorships.

Power Recruiters in this business understand that the Gold in this business is a long term relationship, not a short term distributorship. That is why most people cannot recruit...they are focused on a paycheck, not people...(CLUE!!!!!)Power Recruiters also know that people are more ATTRACTED to someone who cares about THEM FIRST- then the business. You must be a friend first, before you will ever get to second base...and what makes more sense?

Recruiting for a Long term retirement producing business, or a short term paycheck? If you focus on your prospect and learn about THEM as a person, not just as part of the process, you will find your results will skyrocket. Relationships are magnetic...Magnetize your Distributorship with Relationship Recruitng!

3)Thou Shalt Garner Leads Everyday.

Leads are the lifeblood to any distributorship. And most folks play the " Baking game" in recruiting. Instead of going out and getting new leads daily, they go out and hold onto their existing leads, and wait for them , like a cake in an oven, to bake and turn into HOT leads and ones that will come into their business. Are you a chef? or a leader? You MUST have a methodical plan and system to create and find leads daily, and to quit the "baking game"..which in reality is the "faking game"..you are faking at doing this business by holding onto leads that you hope will turn into prospects, even after a negative response, but never do.
The Magic is in the Multiples....and the Lotto is in the List. Continue daily to get at least ONE MLM lead a day to create enough numbers to talk to that will create enough of a paycheck to talk about.

4) Thou Shalt Draw Them In.

When you recruit, you must draw your people into your "world"..We have a saying at PassionFire..."Meet them in their world, and then lead them to yours..."..What that means in order to attract and draw your prospect into your presentation or conversation, you must start in theirs ...Find out what is important to them, and the what they want out of life...then wrap your presentation around that. Ask lots of questions, and paint a picture with your words with them obtaining their dream....look them in the eyes, smile, touch their arm, nod your head, talk their language...don't get too technical...and meet them first where they are in life...and then take them to where you can lead them....that's Power Network Marketing Recruiting.

5)Thou Shalt Educate, not Regurgitate.

You must understand that Recruiting is an education process , not just informing and regurgitating facts.

People want to learn...that is their nature when they are looking at doing something...but many folks "Dump" all they know on them, and suffocate them with Information, not education. Recruiting through an Education Focus is a process, step by step, not a Firehose program. And educating the prospect also is giving them the information they want to learn about, not just what you want to talk about.(CLUE!!!)Education is a whole less intimidating way to recruit too...all you say is..."I don't know if this is for you or not ...worse thing that could happen is you could learn something.."

6) Thou Shalt Communicate Hope, Possibilities, and Belief.

When you recruit, you should have a presence about you that screams Hope! Possibilities! Belief! And that is what you create in your words...."How would it feel to have total freedom?"...Imagine you obtaining that house you want for your family.."..." Wouldn't it be incredible if...".."Can you feel the joy with..'... All people are looking for more Hope in their life, the hope that life will turn out better than it is. All people are looking for more possibilities to increase and improve their life. And all people are looking for more belief that they are on the right track, and belief they can have a more richer and fulfilled life.
You must create an environment of Hope, Possibilities, and Belief when recruiting. That "oxygen" will prove to be Explosive..

7) Thou Shalt Know the Fortune is in the Follow Up.

It does no good to make a presentation and do all the initial recruiting steps...if you don't Follow Up. Get this: Follow Up is where you get paid! The earlier steps are just leading up to it. If you want to create a fortune, create a system to follow up, and stick to it, and make it duplicatable as well.
If you discovered a Gold Mine, you would want to finish digging and finding the gold vein. It's the same in the follow up. There is no paycheck with out a call back! (CLUE!!!!)
The fortune is in the Follow Up...No Follow Up, no Check going Up!

8) Thou Shalt Not Close...But Navigate.

We teach "Navigators" to get the decision for the application...why? The last word in close..is Lose....and if a person doesn't close someone, they see that as a losing situation....how about navigating them to a decision that is right for them, and without pressure, help them make a decision that is right for their life...Can you be persuasive? Absolutely! but be mindful that if this business is truly NOT for them, they may know someone who it is for......What are Navigators? They are simply phrases that help guide the prospect to the finish line. They are Powerful, and deadly....

9) Thou Shalt Shake the Dust Off Your Feet.

The Greatest Teacher that ever lived told His Disciples "If a town doesn't find your message in accord...shake the dust off your feet...as a testament against that town...". Incredible advice! Understand these 3 things:
...Not everybody is for this business.
...There is no one blinder who can see, but won't.
...They aren't rejecting you, but themselves from success.
If you carry with you all the negatives that you can get in this business, they become "Anchors' on your business. Release them and shake it off, and move forward. Look for people who are looking for you...

10) Thou Shalt Know the R.I.A.F.O.L. Rule.

What is that? It stands for Recruiting Is A Form Of Leadership. Period. Why is that True?
...You are asking someone to follow your lead into a business.
..You are asking someone to follow your lead into a business.
...You are asking someone to follow your lead about a product...
...You are asking someone to follow you into an unknown future.

And when you recruit, people are looking to FOLLOW you, not just sign up with you..(CLUE!!!!). They will be looking for Strength and Solidity in you and your direction and Leaderhip. The most Powerful recruiters in the world have a Leadership Presence and focus about them If you are not strong enough to follow, you will not be magnetic enough to join in Network Marketing.

Leadership is the secret to magnetic recruiting..You are asking someone to follow your lead...but first, you have to be worthy of following.

These are the Ten Commandments MLM Recruiting...use them and let them Empower your Business...
Doug Firebaugh
PassionFire Intl

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