Spring is Sprung

By: Wendy Hearn

Spring is here! It's traditionally a time for spring cleaning,
getting rid of the old and making way for the new. "What's
that got to do with my business?" you may be wondering? Well,
actually rather a lot. Now is a great time for you to spring
clean your life and your business. A time for cleaning out
and reviewing parts of your life and business you're ready to
commit to improving.

It's an opportunity to examine your goals and clear out the
ones you don't want any longer. This may involve spring
cleaning your desk and getting rid of piles of clutter. When
we're surrounded by clutter, our mind gets bogged down which
prevents us from thinking clearly and being focused. Perhaps
it's time to dust away the cobwebs on your sales and marketing
plans, and throw away the rubbish, i.e. the stuff that no
longer forms a useful part of your plans. It may involve
spring cleaning your personal life by polishing up
relationships, clearing out old habits and attitudes which no
longer benefit you. Or stripping back your finances to get
them in good shape for the future. Why not take a vacuum to
your health and exercise plans and clean out the bits you
don't want?

This clear-out can involve taking huge steps or even very
small ones.

Even these small things which need dealing with
drain our energy and it's surprising how much this happens.
If left undone, the little tasks, like the filing cabinet
drawer which jams, the unmade bed, the pile of papers on your
desk, all niggle away at you and sap your energy. When these
are sorted out, there is more time for other things in your
life and business. Cleaning out leaves space and this space
is then available for new opportunities. Opportunity for
more energy, more business, more sales and more of the things
you want for yourself. Now I'm not suggesting that making
your bed each day will increase your business ten fold.
However, the fact that it's not niggling away at the back of
your mind and your attitude is now one of completing tasks,
you'll more naturally finish things in your business. You'll
be more able to follow through and complete, even if it's
just concentrating on making the telephone calls your business

If you're ready to enjoy more success, natural energy and
confidence, then I encourage you to look at the areas of your
life and business which need some spring cleaning. Perhaps
this includes your sales, marketing, referrals, finances,
management and leadership skills. Or perhaps you tend to
procrastinate, to run out of time or feel stressed.

I suggest you make a commitment to start spring cleaning today.
Choose the areas you want to clean up and devise a plan of
action. Start by asking yourself some questions. Ideally,
what do I want this area of my life to be like? What do I
need to get rid of? What do I want to put in its place?
What is getting in the way of this? Where am I now in this
particular area? Look at the difference between where you are
nowFeature Articles, what you want to clear out and ideally where you want to
be. Now break this down into smaller steps. Steps which feel
achievable for you and will take you forward. Take the first
step forward today. A coach can assist you fully with this
process until completion. A radical spring clean puts the zest
back into your life and gives you the freedom to reach for the


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