She Rejected You?

By: Lucy Nadia Muyemba

There is just something that makes women NOT get attracted to men
who have lower STATUS than themselves. There is always tension when
a lady is taller than her man, she makes more money than him or when
a guy is being 'led around' by his girlfriend or wife..

SCENE 1 You ask the lady where she would like to go.If she
seems indifferent, make a decision: take her to a place YOU know and
think she would like.If you don't, she won't see you as a leader.

SCENE 2 If you are dating this lady who seems so beautiful,
such great company and seems successful too, you think you like her
A LOT. You ask her out a second time and she agrees.
1 tell her that you're beginning to have feelings for her
2. do not call her the next day to ask her out again.
You need to: give her a little space - let her 'miss' you
just a bit.Let her pursue you.


You meet this nice babe and get her phone number and email
address. You set a date and what? - she doesn't turn up.
she was 'busy'.Call her tomorrow and she is still 'busy'. What happened?
This 'babe' probably committed herself and later changed her mind...
What to do? Give her a few days and then call again- confront her with her poor behaviour.
If there is no change, move on.
When you ask a lady what she 'wants to do', you put her in control.
Most women DO NOT LIKE THIS. It makes them well uncomfortable.
* If you can't make up your mind about where to take her, and then
wind up taking her to her favourite cafe, you have failed.Why?
You have shown that you CAN'T LEAD.
*Remember to always treat your girlfriend / date well.
So - what kind of men are women attracted to?
~Men who LEAD. Men who are in control of themselves and situations.
~Men who MAKE DECISIONS and stand by them. (This is why you can
ask a girl what she wants and take her to her favourite cafe / club
tell her how you feel about her and watch as she loses interest in you.)
~Men who treat them well but don't allow the woman to control them.
~Men who show respect for women enough to take no for an answer.
~Men who look after their personal hygiene and grooming
~ Men who show interest in the lady - as a person not as a sex object.
The list goes on.
Attraction is not like other areas of life.It just happens. GuysScience Articles, being
too 'nice' won't earn you any more points. Attraction seems to be
triggered by things that make no sense at all and can be easily
destroyed.Over to you...
2004 copyright.

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