The Power of Small

By: Rick Beneteau

Routinely, I rise out of bed before the birds, and watch the sunlight
flood my office every morning. See, I love this time of day! But what
I don't love is being rudely rousted out of a deep sleep before my
normal rise and shine time, and every day for the past few months I
have been.

I sleep with the windows open, and at around 4:00 each and every
morning, rain or shine, there has been this very obnoxious bird
"somewhere" close by screeching his mating call at what seems
like 130 decibels! Many times I've wearily peered out to be able to
witness first hand what sounded like a pterodactyl-size creature on
some kind of steroids. But never would this clever 'lil creature reveal

I appreciate nature as much as the next person, but this large
sound at this wee hour of the morning is not music to my ears! In
one agitated state my fine-feathered foe put me in, I thought about
locating a 'sportsman' in the neighborhood to take him out, but that
was only wishful fantasizing. Besides, I don't believe in 'the sport of

By now though, I've gotten pretty used to my tree dwelling alarm
and looking on the positive side of this situation, could even thank
him for the extra hour of work I am able to put in every day.

One day last week, I was pounding away on my laptop on the front
porch swing, when lo and behold - THAT PIERCING SOUND
AGAIN! And it was NEAR! Imagine my surprise when after peeking
out from under the canopy, perched on the telephone line above
was this teeny weenie finch, smaller than my prized canary,
warbling away what was really a beautiful anthem, at least heard at
this normal hour of the day.

Oh my, the power of small!

Now, may I ask: How many times in your life have you thought that
you were "too small" to make a difference? How many times has
this thought actually stopped you from doing something you knew
in your heart was worthwhile? Perhaps something like changing
careers, starting a new business, creating your own product or even
buying that dream home.

Like me, I bet plenty of times!

Think about this. Every great achievement in this world had its roots
as a single thought in the mind of a single human being. There's no
exception - the greatest inventions, the biggest corporations and
the tallest skyscrapers were all borne of the single idea of one

The difference between most of us and the Henry Ford's and Bill
Gates of this world is the total self-belief and conviction in their
ideas to just "build it!" No matter the size, no matter the scope, no
matter the naysayers around them. And, knowing full well that the
road to achieving their goal was going to be paved with major
setbacks and failures.

Here's one of my favorite quotes about achievers:

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are
some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into
the other."
Douglas Everett

You've heard many of the stories about the above 'icons' and people
like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Gandhi. Their journeys
were filled with great adversity, devastating setbacks and yes,
heartbreaking failures. But still, because of the sheer level of belief
in themselves and what they set out to achieve, they were able to
leave a legacy that today affects every one of us, every hour of
every day.

There are millions everyday people who will never become
household names who have made magnificent differences in their
lives and the lives of those around them.

Take for instance, the single mother who was reluctantly forced
onto the welfare rolls due to a deadbeat dad, and pounds the
pavement until she lands a job, determined to excel, and works her
way up the ladder until she ends up with a wonderful career to the
benefit of herself and her family.

Or, the foreign medical student whose family sacrificed their entire
lives in order to send their child to a 'free country' to get an
education, who, through sheer determination graduates at the top of
his class but decides not to chase the almighty big bucks that
await him in the 'land of promise' and instead returns to his
homeland so that he may help alleviate the dire suffering of the
people in his native land.

Or, how about the countless entrepreneurs who have taken a single
idea and no matter what obstacles they faced, and the many
sacrifices they had to make, created successful businesses with
products that impacted thousands or even millions of people?

I am privileged to know so many individuals who have accomplished
great things only because of the great belief they had in themselves
and their ideas. As such, I firmly believe that every human being, no
matter where they believe they are at on this roller coaster ride we
call life, CAN accomplish great things.

As strange as this may seem at this time, I can tell you with all the
sincerity I possess, that this great universe of ours awaits your
simple and sincere decision, so that it can begin to fill you with all
the power you need to make your dream a reality. It's a matter of
truly making that decision and then opening yourself up to receiving
that invisible assistance.

"The Creator has not given you a longing to do that which you have
no ability to do."
Orison Swett Marden

Now back to my miniscule, winged friend. On cue, and still prior to
daylight, he shakes me out of my peaceful slumber. He knows
nothing else. No other way. He just cranks it up at enormous
volume at nature's call, oblivious to the fact he is impacting me on a
major scale by doing the only thing he was designed to do. How we
all should beComputer Technology Articles, don't you agree?

The Power of Small!

? Rick Beneteau


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