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About Us
Twinstar Logistics Pte Ltd

Twinstar is a professional logistics solution provider.

We provide clients with the best service through modernization and improvement has always been the hallmark of our company.

Twinstar aims to satisfy each customer and we are also confident that our customers will receive very satisfactory service from us.

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Products & Services

China to Singapore to door service

Guangzhou to Singapore , Every Wednesday/Saturday Stuffing

Shanghai to Singapore, Every Saturday Stuffing.

Other China ports to Singapore to door service.

Guranteed most competitive rate with reliable services


Twinstar Specialized in Shipment import from CHINA.

We have weekly Consol for LCL cargo from Guangzhou/Shanghai/Yiwu/Tianjin(Xingang)/Xiamen/Ningbo/Qingdao

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Door to door services are available here!
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