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Drunken Cold Cockles Honey Chicken Salted Egg Yolk-coated Prawns Milk Powder Pork Chops Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce
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We serve high-class dishes at affordable prices!
410A Sin Ming Avenue 571410
Tel : 6451 3812
116 Commonwealth Crescent 140116
Tel : 6472 5361
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The Honey Fried Chicken, a signature dish recommended by the staff was outstanding. The chicken was well marinated as the inside was tender and flavourful. It was deep fried till the outside was crisp. The deep fried slices of fried garlic added on top further enhanced the taste up a notch or two.
Drunken Cockles $6. Served cold and raw, this dish makes a great appetizer if you love cockles. The cockles (sea hum) were fresh and there were no bits of sand in it.
I'm not a big fan of spicy food but love the super juicy taste when you bite onto it. Served cold and raw, this dish makes a great appetizer if you love cockles. The cockles (sea hum) were fresh and there were no bits of sand in it.
I finally discovered one of the best "kosong" roti prata hidden in two chefs eating place in sin ming avenue.. Not mentioning their signature zi char dishes.. The best combination of asian cuisine under 1 roof..
Do judge the dish by its looks. You will be the fool if you did not order this dish! Pork Ribs In Milk Powder is going to wow your taste buds. You've have been warned.
There used to be a lord, who claimed his territory at the corner of one-one-seven; the people flocked to him, they worshipped and love all the food that were served, the place was basically packed with crowds every weekends. And as fate has it, the arrival of another overlord meant the decline of the former; the dethrone of the king at Commonwealth drive.
Very popular eating place, so prepare to stand in line. They actually take reservations but still ask you to line up when you come. However, they allowed us to "jump queue" when a table was available. They take orders while you are standing in line so the food comes hot and fast when you get to your table. Their signature dish is the butter pork ribs which is succulent pieces of pork that are deep fried and coated with a yummy butter/milk topping that is addictive. We also always have the imperial chicken soup which has a tasty, rich herbal soup and fall-off-the-bone chicken. For those who like near-raw cockles, this place does it well with the cockles dressed in a sweet-sour sauce and topped with garlic, chilli and chives. The staff manage to remain friendly and polite despite the large crowd.
Had fun eating at this place! yes there was a queue, but it was worth it for the buttered pork and the fried rice. must try! located at commonwealth area..
I absolutely love their drunken cockles! If you dont like seafood, you can try their butter ribs - it tastes just as awesome!
The butter with pork ribs is very nice !!!
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