Professional Architectural Consultancy & Design Work
With our experience and expertise, you can come to us for reliable architectural consultation and design projects for various building types.

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About Us

ATA Architects Pte Ltd was founded in 1989, and has since been specializing in providing professional architectural consultancy services. ATA has a broad range of experience in many different building types in our repertoire of architectural services. We have completed projects for residential, educational, commercial, religious & institutional, industrial, overseas, indoor sports halls as well as competitions. Our wide spectrum of services includes Architectural Consulting & Advisory, Design & Build projects, Development Planning, Sustainability Design, Project Management and many more. We believe that there are no projects that are considered too big or small scale for us and we welcome challenging projects that can test our mettle and showcase our expertise.

With our dedicated and highly experienced staff, we'll add value to your project from inception to completion and provide a satisfying solution that is within your budget, time and requirements.

Products & Services

    Architectural Consultancy
  • Building Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design & Space Planning
  • Training in Building Projects
    Master Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Sustainable Principles in Design
  • Partnering
  • Building Technology

ATA Architects Pte Ltd’s primary work is in Architectural Consultancy Services as defined in the Singapore Institute of Architect’s Conditions of Engagement of an Architect and under the governance of the Architect’s Act of Singapore.

This is a broad-ranging set of services, which include Architectural design work from inception to completion, and include:

  • Concept Architectural Design
  • Preparation of Architectural Drawings for contractual documentation
  • Architectural specifications
  • Calling of Tenders (Bids and Procurement Processes)
  • Recommendation for Award of Building Contracts
  • Contract Administration during construction processes
  • Review of contractors’ progress during construction
  • Post-construction administration
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