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Specialises in Matrimonial & Family law.

Our one-stop service hub provides comprehensive and quality legal and practical solutions to troubled marriages and all other related matters from property and child issues to estate administration.

  • Uncontested Divorce Estimated @ $1800 (exc gst)
    This is when you and your spouse have agreed to obtain a divorce and both parties agree to the grounds for divorce. Our senior lawyer will be advising you personally. Price breakdown as follows;
    • Our Legal Fees : S$1,357.40
    • Filing fees and Court fees: S$254.60
    • Commissioning fees: S$20.00
    • Bankruptcy search fee: S$18.00
    • Photocopying, postage and miscellaneous: S$150.00

  • A divorce is the ending of the legal contract between a husband and wife.
    A divorce case and the costs involved DO NOT automatically include the costs of sorting out matters in relation to children, for example getting agreement on contact and residence, or the thorny issue of finances. These are ancillary cases which will be dealt with by separate court cases unless an agreement is reached amicably between the two parties. There is really only one ground for divorce - the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. This is proved by establishing one or more of the following ‘facts’: Unreasonable Behaviour, Adultery or Desertion

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