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AAS Sistemas Pte Ltd

Storage & Shelving Solutions. We are the supplier of a wide range of both industrial racking systems and commercial shelving systems. We also provide total storage solutions, includes design and installation. We believe in having the highest quality in our products meeting our customers’ needs while being compliant to the industry standards. Our expertise includes installation, erection & shifting of all kinds of storage equipment, total warehouse design & relocation. We have boltless shelving systems or manual & mechanical compactor systems. We also buy and sell used racks. At AAS Systems, we are all oabout storage.

Storage specialist, specialize in heavy and light duty shelvings, they install, erection & shifting of all kinds of storage equipment. Buy & sell used racks also available
They specialise in: 1. Installation, Erection & Shifting of All Kinds of Storage Equipment 2. Total Warehouse Design & Relocation 3. Boltless Shelving Systems 4. Manual & Mechanical Compactor Systems 5. Fabrication 6. Hand Pallet Trucks 7. Buy & Sell Used Racks
They have installation, erection and shifting of all kinds of storage equipment, total warehouse design and relocation, buy and sell used racks !!
storage shelving for everyone! companies and even homes. check with them today with the measurements needed!
AAS Sistemas specializes in storage solutions, they provide professional service and smart designs to meet your expectation.
Really.. i will try them. I need it for company. Thanks
I was not aware such a company even exist till i found them in Streetdirectory. They are quite reasonable actually.
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