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1) The hirer is required to produce his/her Identity card upon rental for registration.
Other forms of identification, which is recognized by the company, will be safe keep until the return of the bike.
Alternatively, a refundable cash deposit of $100 is also accepted.
2) Hirer is advised to check that bicycles rented out is in working condition before leaving the premises.
3) The management reserves the right to refuse hiring of bicycles or to extend the time of the hiring of the bicycle if in the opinion of the operator, that the hirer has misused the bicycle or violated any of the conditions herein. Hirer shall not be refunded in such cases.
4) The hirer rides the bicycle at his/her own risk. The management is not liable for any injury or loss incurred.
5) The hirer is responsible for any damage to the bicycle and the cost of replacement.
6) Hirer is required to pay a fee of $200/per bike for the loss of bikes.
7) Overtime surcharge is charged the same rental amount according to type of bikes rented.
8) Exceeding stipulated rent hour will be charged accordingly as follows:
- 15 mins onwards - charged as ½ hour.
- 31 mins onwards - charged as 1 hour.
9) Bicycle is considered sold at the original price should sea water be found on the bicycle upon return.
10) Hirers are reminded to check your change and identification cards before leaving the premises. Management will not be responsible for any dispute thereafter.
11) Hirers in wet attire will not be entertained.
12) In the event of changes in weather conditions eg: rain, Rental charges are not refundable nor exchangeable.
13) Rental charges is not refundable nor exchangeable.

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