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Collection Agency Meaning It’s a company or a business that collects payments of debts or credit owed by businesses or individual. Collection agencies work as agents of debtors and pursue debts for a portion of the total amount that was credited or owed. There are different types of collection agencies such as first party agencies or in-house collection agency; they are usually subsidiaries of the original business the debt is credited to. Third party agencies are separate businesses contracted by a certain business or company to pursue and collect debts on behalf of original company the debt is owed to for a fee.

Alan and Steiner Debt Recovery Services Pte Ltd Photos
Corporate Debt Collection & Debt Recovery Company.
1. 20 yrs experience.
2. Fast Debt Recovery & Professional
3. Guaranteed Success
4. We buy corporate debt with with upfront cash.

We help corporate clients explore ways to recover your bad debts without destroying your company's reputation. Our team are made of professionals from accountants, senior managers and legal advisors. Call us at 91723358
Opening : Mon to Sat 8.30am to 6pm
Category : Ceased Operations
Tel : 9172 3358
Singapore Debt Collection Service Photos
A Debt Collector since 2002.
We help clients recover Personal Debts & Commercial Debts.

a. 80% success rate in helping creditors recover back their bad debts
b. "Persistence & Determination" gives us the results of Our Success.
Address : Vision Exchange, #13-32, 2 Venture Drive SingaporeVision Exchange, #13-32, 2 Venture Drive SingaporeSingaporesingapore, 608526
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Horrible service. Totally no response. No responsibility. Pronuses to provide update. But never happen. Request for call back. Also more..
Lee Tan & Partners Photos
Professional debt collection & debt consolidation services,
Our director is an Ex-Law Enforcement officer with PI experience

Provides individualized, one-on-one customer service.
We have all the experience & knowledge with all of your debt-related needs.
Address : Lee Tan & Partners, Hola Centre, #03-03, 65 Ubi CrescentLee Tan & Partners, Hola Centre, #03-03, 65 Ubi CrescentSingaporesingapore, 408559
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Lee Tan & Partners offers professional debt collection and debt consolidation services, providing individualized, one-on-one more..
Nation & Associate Pte Ltd Photos
Full range of Accounts Receivable Management & Debt Collection
We do commercial & retail debt recovery & credit management
We have collected over 10,000 debts!

a. Recover & collect debts quickly and economically
b. Be proactive and not let matters drift
c. Trustworthy debt recovery firm
Address : Unity Centre, #06-20, 51 Bukit Batok CrescentUnity Centre, #06-20, 51 Bukit Batok CrescentSingaporesingapore, 658077
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efficient services provided
Thomas Carlington & Associates Pte Ltd Photos
Global Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection Services
We work on a no collection, no commission basis.

Chargeable commission rate will depend largely on 2 things:
- Age of your Invoice
- Country of debt to be collected
* Services may include skip tracing, demand letter, dunning, field visit, etc.
Skip tracking is service which helps locate your debtor
Address : Thomas Carlington & Associates Pte Ltd, ..., #07-23, 33 Ubi Avenue 3Thomas Carlington & Associates Pte Ltd, Vertex, #07-23, 33 Ubi Avenue 3Singaporesingapore, 408868
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Atradius Collections is part of the Atradius Group
World leader in debt collections, credit insurance & surety
Over 80yrs experience with presence in 50 countries.

Our reputation is built on excellent customer service
We can collect your debt anywhere in the world!
Address : AXA Tower, #22-02, 8 Shenton WayAXA Tower, #22-02, 8 Shenton WaySingaporesingapore, 068811
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Your leading company with a whole lot of experience in collections with different kind of clients from all over the world.
Asian Debts Management Photos
Address : Simpang Lodge I, #03-70, 2B Yishun Avenue 7Simpang Lodge I, #03-70, 2B Yishun Avenue 7Singaporesingapore, 768929
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United Numismatic Centre Photos
Address : Lucky Plaza, #B1-118, 304 Orchard RoadLucky Plaza, #B1-118, 304 Orchard RoadSingaporesingapore, 238863
Category : Collection Agency, Trading Company
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International Debt Collection in Asia
Address : Golden Sultan Plaza, #05-39C, 100 Jalan SultanGolden Sultan Plaza, #05-39C, 100 Jalan SultanSingaporesingapore, 199001
Category : Collection Agency, Debt Collector, Debts Recovery
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Address : Fu Tsu Building, #08-13, 19 Kim Keat RoadFu Tsu Building, #08-13, 19 Kim Keat RoadSingaporesingapore, 328804
Category : Collection Agency, Debt Adjuster, Personal Loans
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