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CME has been at the forefront of providing mast climbing access equipment, being an active pioneer in this industry since 1990. Currently, we have a fleet of 250 units of machines available for rental, placing it among the top ten access equipment provider companies in the world. Staffed by strength of 40 personnel, which include technical engineers, we have established and continue to maintain a sound track record as shown by the numerous projects undertaken successfully.
Products & Services
Mast Climbing Workplatform
The mast climbing workplatform is a combination of scaffold, material hoist and building cradle, providing safe and efficient access to the building surface.

Super Sturdy and safe in every way
The workplatform itself is extremely stable and satisfies the most stringent safety requirements for the transport of people and materials.

Powerful drive motors
All drive units are fitted with twin independent 2.1 kW motor gearboxes positioned beneath the platform decking for greater protection. In addition, keeping the workplace unrestricted.

Safe centrifugal brakes
The twin centrifugal brakes on each drive unit allow the platform to be simply and safely lowered to the ground in the event of power failure without the use of any special tools.

Unique leveling system
Automatic electro-mechanical leveling system for twin mast platforms fitted as standard on all drive units.

Sturdy mobile chassis or compact ground-frame
Platforms can be mounted on mobile chassis to move around the perimeter of the building to increase production. Where space is restricted, compact ground frames are used which require minimum ground area.

Reliable and flexible anchor system
The Hek adjustable anchor allows the mast to be fixed at any location on the building. Five to six times fewer anchors compared with traditional scaffolding.

Simple assembly
The mast selections for both the MSHF & MSM Super can be installed without the use of traditional lifting equipment.

Safety features:
  • Double limit switches on top and bottom
  • Proximity switch during erection
  • Emergency stop pushbutton on main panel
  • Control power 42V
  • Safety fencing with wire mesh and toeboard (height 1.10m)
  • Mast surround fencing
  • Top mast section without rack. Prevents overrun.


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