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About Us
Evorich Holdings Pte Ltd

EVORICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD's participation in the market has so far expanded from a local flooring solution provider to being Asia Pacific’s floor specialist involving in the manufacturing, developing, installation, consumer and international trading for our wide range of quality floor products.

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Products & Services
  • Laminate Wood Flooring
  • Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Palm Wood Indoor Decking
  • Palm Wood Outdoor Decking
  • Construction of Platforms
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Wall Panellings
  1. EVO tough > EVORICH specially manufactured 75mm wood skirtings with warranty against discolouration, de-lamination and highly water-resistant. (Exclusive specs for Asia climate)
  2. EVO solid step > EVORICH exclusive specification to factory for making a good floor underlay to insulate sound and repel ground moisture.
  3. EVO bond > EVORICH factory manufactured Maxbond to secure all trimmings and skirtings in the correct manner.
  4. EVO seal > EVORICH factory manufactured silicone to give your floor good silicone finishing with colours that can match all floorings.
  5. EVORICH Installers > As most flooring companies in Singapore uses Subcontractors, EVORICH will never compromise and will only award a Lifetime Warranty to the completed flooring job if only your floor is floored by EVORICH skilled In-House Installers. Ask for our workers’ Work Permit for verification.

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