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We are located at 54 Sembawang Road #01-01 Hong Heng Mansions, Singapore 779085

The quality of their dishes and their attention to detail really impressed me. One of my absolute favorites is their Salted Baked Flower Crab. Delicious!
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29 Nov 2012 00:01:01
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Mince Meat Bean Curd
Pepper Crab
Prawn Roll
Salt Baked Flower Crab
Sour Veg Fish
Steam Boat
Steam Garoupa
Steam Pomfret
Three Egg Spinach
Bamboo Clam
Braised Pig Trotter
Braised Fish Head
Chili Crab
Crab Bee Hoon
Crystall Chicken
Lobster Bee Hoon
Lobster Roll

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an asian food restaurant with variety dishes of delicious food. try out their lobster bee hoon. it's yum yum. ^^
Kang Kong here is good, nothing to complain about.The problem lie with the beancurd, the beancurd itself is tasteless - there\'s no flavour at all.The Assam Fish save it all! The Assam sauce is spicy and it is sour enough plus the fish is very fresh. But after having the sauce a few times, I just felt that it is too spicy but it was additive though. Maybe a little bit of sugar will aid, then it will be sweet, sour and spicy! You might want to explore The Famous Kitchen yourself, worth exploring.
This restaurant located @ sembawang is famous for their seafood & zi char I tried their Lobster beehoon,they go by weight,depending of the weight of the lobster,price start from $9.50 per 100gram Their pepper crab is very nice & tasty,which cost about $3.20 per 100gram which was a bit expensive but overall food is pretty good I rate 8/10