Secrets To Choosing Champagne

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Champagne, or sparkling wine as it is known outside of France, certainly
conjures up romantic images. Champagne has a reputation for being THE
beverage to serve at most special occasions. And rightfully so. At it's
finest, Champagne is delicate, crisp and clean. A good bottle flirts with
the perfect qualities of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or other grapes from
which it was made.

Champagne should be served cold. Most experts suggest 45 degrees Fahrenheit
as proper serving temperature. Bottles may be stored on their sides or
upright. It is best not to store Champagne in an area where the temperature
fluctuates greatly. Incidentally, a great tip for rapidly chilling a bottle
is to fill an ice bucket around the bottle with equal amounts of crushed ice
and ice water. Always keep the champagne on ice, not in the freezer, between

Color and sweetness are characteristics of champagne that one sees on every
bottle. Champagne is not always made from white grapes, hence the different
colors. Rose, for example, is created by adding red, still wine to the cuvee.

The same effect in rose can be acheived by utilizing the color of the red
wine skins. Red Meunier or Pinot Noir grapes are used to make a sultry and
delectable Blanc de Noirs Champagne.

Next time you check out the label on a Champagne bottle, you'll see
references to it's sweetness. Brut, as a classification, is probably the most

dry. Perhaps you enjoy a dry Champagne, but want a touch of sweetness. Your
best bet is a classification known as "extra brut."Interestingly enough,
should you see a classification that reads "extra dry", it represents medium
dryness. You like your Champagne sweet? Make sure the label reads "sec", or "

demi-sec." The latter being quite sweet, and is frequently served as a
dessert wine.

As far as price is concerned, French Champagnes are going to be the highest
priced. If you are reluctant to spend the "big bucks" on French Cahmpagne,
their are some very good alternatives. In recent times, some legendary French

Champagne makers have started making an American variety in California. Mumms,

for example, has a wonderful Cuvee Napa made in California. Very tasty and
reasonably priced! Also, try some Spanish "Cavas",they are very inexpensive
and quite good

O.K., hopefully this information will be helpful the next time you're asked
to pick the Champagne for a special occasion. The truth of the matter is, let

your taste be your guide. Hey, I'm sure you've got good taste, you're reading

this article!

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