Coffee Machines - What Extras You Need

Since coffee was first made there have been machines to do the brewing. The Turkish Ibrik was the first coffee maker invented. It’s still in use in the coffeehouses of the Middle East and Turkey, providing one of the strongest drinks around, but needs no filters.

Most machines are designed to drip. Put the water into the top of it, let the coil heat it, just like a kettle does, and then watch the boiling water funnel through your grind and into a pot made of glass, that sits on a heated metal plate. However, this is very basic, and there is so much more that other machines can do to make your life easier.

The modern ones have developed so much that they do everything except play your latest music dvds. Most now come with LCD displays that tell you what time it is, the brewing time, and the temperature. They even have timers and other information.

Brewing control is still very minimal. Auto-switchoffs are useful for those of us who simply forget about it. I’m a fine example of someone who is extremely busy and cannot wait for the pot to fill. I take out the pot before the stream has finished. Once upon a time, the coffee would not stop dripping and splash onto the plate. Thanks to this new feature there is a temporary stop in the flow while the pot is removed. The LCD is especially useful as it lights up the darkness for those of us who get a very early start.

The new European pod machines are probably the niftiest invention because little or no cleaning is involved like the one-cup coffee makers of the past involved. You use paper filters that already contain pre-measured coffee and allow the boiling water to properly filter through the grinds. Once the brew is finished you throw them away. This is extremely important if you are like me, the busy person who does not have an aversion to cleaning, but very little time to do so.

The one cup coffee makers are a great addition with their easy to buy paper filters, perfect for us city folk and the poor quality water we get. However, permanent filters are set to replace these. The pods can use either, but people are still arguing over the affect on your drink if do use paper filters in them. The choice is yours really.

If you really want to splash out then get a machine that has a built in grinder. Personally I prefer the pleasure of a separate machine because the cleaning up afterwards is that much easier. I still have yet to find a machine that roasts, grinds and brews. Have you seen one yet?

Would that be going asking too much? It may be that the traditional way is best. I don’t hear any complaints from Turkey, and their coffee is absolutely delicious. My coffee has not been as good lately. I wonder why?

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