Dixie Perfectouch Paper Coffee Cups

No Gloves for this PerfecTouch Hot Coffee Cup!

An insulated paper cup is the "in thing" for many beverage vendors including most restaurants, coffee shops, catering services etc.
The comfortable hold that does not burn your hand gives a nice secure feeling when consuming excellent coffee or hot beverages.
The grip is non-slippery and the rim and overall shape very convenient for that quick "Starbuck" or MacDonald's refreshing drink.
Your periodic get-togethers can be easier for several servings and remember -- no glass or china breakage!
A perfect start or ending to a perfect gathering and no spills, no soiled clothing, no scalding -- everything works right with a "perfect touch" insulated cup serving.

Environment Friendly Paper Cups are a Boon!

Paper is a raw material that is truly environment friendly due to its biodegradability.
In the earlier days we never even thought of the litter problems or environmental hazards when plastics including Polystyrene Foam products were still a distant reality.
Today our understanding is much more advanced and decades of plastics usage has opened our eyes towards non-degradable hazards of plastic products.
More and more people are reverting back to the nature in terms of modified paper products though most understand that this is a slow renewable resource in our current global context.
Disposable paper cups are again becoming very popular for this reason and the modified, more convenient, highly practical catering items like cups, glasses, plates etc are the talk of the day in most societies and countries.

It is cost effective giving a perfect touch to our daily beverage

Dixie disposable cups are a perfect solution to give that extra hospitable touch to our daily beverage at office, fast food outlets, restaurants, travel areas, homes and other places.
Remember the double container usage when taking piping hot coffee or soup in the earlier days.
Now you can experience a more comfortable handling of the drink and we do really save on the container usage that includes also savings in raw materials used for making these cup products.
You can also carry it around or in a vehicle since the separately sold lids give a tight closure to the filled container.
The look is very aesthetic and the printing of the cups or glasses more environmental friendly since paper can be printed more easily and with more inert pigments or dyes than plastics.

Other benefits of disposable products that lend a perfect touch to our lives

One does not think much about the hidden benefits of products we use in our daily living.
This is a common trait where we forget the many "fine print" advantages and sometimes start wondering why we do things as we do!
A bio friendly product like these perfect or comfortable touch hot beverage paper cups and paper glasses also offer indirect benefits one can ponder over.
Let us just think of the fact that its usage will enhance the need of growing more trees, research for non-hazardous chemicals used in printing or manufacturing of products that are used for consuming liquids etc.
The litter problem is reduced to a large extent since the garbage companies do not have to separate non degradable and degradable products from the garbage containers.

If we reflect more there could be many direct and indirect benefits of using perfecttouch paper products for serving both hot and cold beverages, soups, gravy food, and other liquid delicacies.
Purchase Perfectouch paper coffee cups at Reliable Paper Inc, your supplier of choice for Dixie Perfectouch Coffee Cups.

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