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It is hard to remember the '60's. They say if you do, you weren't really there. Our parents (that is, of us baby boomers) think the whole generation was "bad". Of course some good came out of it as well. We became, well, uh, more natural. We started liking organic things for instance.

If anything positive came out of my very confused generation (that thought we knew it all at the time), it was a. unique music that is often duplicated, rarely replicated, and an attempt to eat from the earth, that is, more naturally. Health food stores began popping up everywhere and I even owned one. The jury is still out if all the good foods, vitamins, minerals, monthly fasts, etc. counteracted all the nasty chemicals we put into our bodies "out of experimentation". Yes Virginia, I DID inhale, but then again, I'll never run for political office, never plan to, and if you don't like it, that is your issue. I don't do so now.

Of course we learned positive behavior from the 1960's, like "coffee is bad" because it contains too much caffeine and perhaps that is why our "parents were so weird", now we are hooked on Starbuck's and grocery store gourmet grind-your-own-beans.

I can prove quite easily. If I had the power and gave you the choice, two free tickets to a brand new third Woodstock, but if you went, which would include airfare, I would be forced to shut down every major coffee chain in the world. You don't have to tell me. I know what you would pick.

It's like that tough question. How important is the Internet to you? If you had to give something else up, just as important what (or whom) would it be? That's a tough question and one we usually have to ponder.

One good thing about the coffee-age in which we live, is that we also love to make our own gourmet coffees. Groceries are loaded with beans that one can ground fresh, because the savvy coffee connosiour rarely drinks chain coffees knowing that they can be stale and that rancidity covered with flavors and chemicals so many of us opt to drink our gourmet coffees at home.

So I keep a half dozen or so favorite coffee mugs. Some avid drinkers, I'm told, are even beginning to collect the best coffee mugs on the market. Many can be found on Ebay and other shopping channelsand even speciality coffee mug shops. I shop all around, but my favorite are at Just Funny Mugs. They each contain a Londons Times Cartoon on them, and nothing is more fun than to wake up in the morning, get one's caffeine fix, and remember that funny cartoon all day. It can be an added stimulation, caffeine and laughter. What a great combination.

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