Exotic Coffee Flavors

Bored with your regular coffee or tea? If you’re the owner of a single cup coffee maker from Keurig, a wide world of flavor possibilities awaits you. Here is an overview of a few of the most exotic Keurig coffee and tea varieties:

•Island Coconut Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Try this seasonal flavor for a tropical coffee treat. Island Coconut Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is praised for its fresh, fruity aroma and creamy coconut flavor. Mixed with ice and a splash of coconut rum, this coffee makes a fantastic after-dinner drink.

•Sugar Bush Maple Coffee from Timothy’s World Coffees

This medium roasted coffee from Timothy’s World Coffees is a true taste sensation for maple syrup lovers. Unlike other blends which make use of cinnamon and maple flavorings, Sugar Bush Maple provides the taste and aroma of pure maple syrup. If you enjoy the smell of coffee and maple-syrup covered pancakes in the morning, Sugar Bush Maple Coffee is the brew for you.

•Orange Indulgence White Tea from Timothy’s World Coffees

White tea is renowned for its delicate flavor and healthful benefits. Made from immature tea leaves, white tea contains anti-oxidants that stimulate health and boost the immune system. Orange Indulgence White Tea from Timothy’s World Coffees combines the sweet, silky taste of white tea with a delicate blend of orange and apricot for a truly refreshing experience.

•Cranberry Twist Green Tea from Timothy’s World Coffees

The health benefits of green tea are surpassed only by those of white tea - however, the taste of Cranberry Twist Green Tea from Timothy’s World Coffees is second to none. This delightful, flavored tea combines the antioxidant benefits of green tea with the sweet, yet tart taste of fresh cranberries.

•Mango Tea from Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Capture the essence of the topics with Mango Tea from Gloria Jean’s Coffees. This unique blend of China Black and Ceylon tea is flavored with the essence of mango, giving it a light and fruity aroma.

•Kenyan AA Extra Bold from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

As the birthplace of coffee, Africa produces some of the world’s finest coffee beans. From its musky aroma to its floral and fruity taste, Kenyan AA Extra Bold from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters embodies much of what is prized about African coffees.

These fantastic flavors are sure to provide a welcome break in your morning routine. Give them a try - you might just find a new favorite.

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