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There are so many people who love coffee but have to live without it because it gives them heartburn, that it is a shame something can't be done about it. It seems sometimes as though the ones who love coffee the most are the ones who suffer from heartburn as a result of drinking this delicious brew.

Since we know that excess stomach acid going into the esophagus is the usual cause of heartburn, does that help us to understand why coffee is such a culprit when it comes to heartburn? The stomach acids coming into contact with the esophagus causes irritation. Many products can be irritants, but caffeine is one of the strongest. Caffeine makes hate stomach produce an excess amount of acid, and since your body does not need it, where can it go but into the lower esophageal sphincter, and cause what is known as heartburn coffee.

Now that we know that it is caffeine that causes this heartburn, there is hope for coffee lovers who suffer from this affliction. A new process, Hevla technology, has broken the chain between you and the coffee that give you heartburn.
The Hevla process uses a system in which the coffee beans are steamed at extremely high pressure. This high pressure can remove the caffeine from the coffee, without affecting the wonderful taste of coffee that we love. In this way, we can continue to drink our beloved coffee and not produce the acid that leads to heartburn.

Yes, the caffeine is removed and yet the flavor of the coffee is retained. This is a monumental achievement in the world of coffee. Health and science experts have recognized the benefit of removing a harmful substance from an otherwise harmless product. For the coffee industry, this is a major breakthrough. Now former coffee lovers who suffered from heartburn can come back into the fold, and this has created a new boon for the coffee markets.

Once consumers taste Hevla processed coffee, the world of delicious coffee will once more return to a great number of coffee consumers who have been avoiding it. They can once again enjoy this drink, without fear of pain and discomfort. This unique steam pressure process will be a godsend to coffee drinkers everywhere. Even if you only use a one cup coffee maker for your fast morning brew, you will be happy.

Now, everyone can wake up to their fresh cup of coffee and not be victim to heartburn; once again the aroma of freshly brewed coffee can bring them to their feet in the morning without bringing them to their knees in pain.

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