Special Tips to Brewing Perfect Coffee

Coffee is the most favored hot drink of the people all over the world. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee leaves every one wanting more and more. Coffee is the only beverage that has finer aspects of preparation right from the plucking of the fruits from the coffee plant to brewing it. Any small change in the processes can change the flavor. Here are some tips for brewing coffee at home.

Coffee Beans and Roasting
- For the best taste of coffee, select fresh coffee beans of top quality and then roast them. Compared to roasted beans, the green beans have a good shelf life. If you are patient enough, you can, for every cup of coffee , roast the coffee beans
- Utmost care has to be taken while roasting, as this is the process where the flavor of the bean is released.
- The flavor of the roasted beans lasts only for a day or two. Hence they have to be used quickly. Freezing for keeping it for some days may lessen the flavor.

The right grind size
- After roasting comes grinding. Brewing good coffee requires the right grind size for the right coffee maker. Generally for automatic drip coffee maker medium grind size is required. For French press, coarser grind and for percolator even coarser grind. Espresso coffee maker requires a finely ground coffee.
- If you love savoring the flavor of fresh ground coffee, you have to grind the beans longer. Making a fine grind leaves fresher cut area of the beans, which gives a fresh taste to the coffee.
- Ground coffee, if left to air for more time changes chemically and may taste bitter.

- Right measure for the right taste. A cup of perfect coffee should have the flavor of coffee to suit to your tongue. The prevalent ratio is one to two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water.
- Water used for brewing too has an effect on the taste. Water kept overnight will have deposits of minerals settled on the surface of the container. Likewise, bottled water has lesser minerals. Since the coffee is 98 to 99% water, choose the best tasting water.
- The brewing pans or drip machines should be clean of earlier leftovers. Since coffee oils build up quickly from the left over coffee ground and become stale, it may affect the flavor.
- The boiling temperature required for finely ground coffee is less while coarser coffee should be boiled longer. Over boiling makes the coffee bitter.

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