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There are many stories and legends revolving around coffee. Not only is it a beloved drink, but it is considered so much more in the context of these stories. People can not get over their love for coffee and it seems desire to bring it into almost every aspect of their life. It has created an odd fascination through out the world.

The origin of coffee has produced some interesting stories. Many people say it was discovered in Ethiopia around 500 BC. It is then said it was taken to Arabia because its stimulating effects were of great interest. In Arabia is where it is said to have gotten its name. During the Renaissance, commercial production of coffee began. In the 18th century drinking of coffee and even coffee plantations where found all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and in North and South America. It was available to all social classes, as well. Many people would proclaim the health effects of coffee and praise it as a miracle cure. In fact some studies have shown that coffee can be used as a stimulant and as a way to treat diabetes. It has also shown to help with cirrhosis of the live and decrease asthma attacks. Additionally, the antioxidants that coffee contain are said to help keep the heart healthy. Coffee also works as a diuretic. So there may have been some truth to those miracle cure stories. On the flip side, though, coffee is linked to sleeping problems and said to encourage nerve problems. Despite anything that is said about coffee it is here to stay.

It is an amazing economic product and something that people highly desire and can not seem to get enough of. It is traded ion London, New York, Hong Kong and Lima and over 4000 billion cups are drank a year. It grows in popularity every year with about 10 to 20 % of all adults drinking it daily and a $9 billion sales annually being reported. That figure does not even include the money made through grinding, roasting and growing. It just continues to be an economic miracle. The future looks bright. Even Starbucks is a shining example of how good coffee is and how amazing it does as a product. Specialty coffee shops are popping up all over the world and doing amazing at bringing in a profit. People are also brewing more at home. With the widespread offering of specialty brewing machine, like espresso and cappuccino, people are able to make coffee at home any way they like it. Additionally, flavored coffees seem to be rather popular too, with flavors like mocha, latte and cappuccino. A little flavor and some whipped cream can turn a regular coffee into a specialty drink in a flash. With such popularity it is no surprise that coffee is a hot topic that people are talking about all around the world.

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