The Link Between Cellulite and Coffee

Cellulite and coffee are two words that seem to be seen together more and more these days. For many years, coffee has been given the ugly reputation of being the cause of a lot of different ailments including cellulite. Recent developments however now seem to link coffee as a possible solution to cellulite. What is the real deal between cellulite and coffee?

Coffee as an Antioxidant

In recent years, coffee addicts around the world have welcomed the news that coffee may actually have antioxidant properties equal to that of black tea. These antioxidant components can supplement what people normally get from fruits and vegetables. Drinking one or two cups of coffee a day can apparently fight free radical damaging molecules and may even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Coffee in Moderation

When taken in excess, coffee has harmful effects too. Coffee has traditionally been seen as the culprit in a long list of ailments. Common sense would of course say that excessive amounts of caffeine in the body can cause such problems as insomnia and heart palpitations.

There is also a possibility that too much coffee can cause more toxins and fat build up that may lead to an increase in cellulite deposits. Some coffee concoctions also deliver more calories that may result in a general body fat gain. In this sense, cellulite and coffee seem to be connected in a bad way.

Coffee Drinking

The cellulite and coffee connection doesn't seem to look well when seen only in the coffee drinking perspective. Although coffee does have antioxidant properties that can help fight cellulite, the positive cellulite and coffee connection cannot be established by just drinking coffee alone. This is because cellulite is made up of stubborn fat deposits that also inhibit antioxidant and nutrient absorption in affected areas. This means that the positive cellulite and coffee connection cannot be seen simply because the antioxidant properties of coffee cannot reach affected areas easily.

Coffee Applications

It is suggested by studies, though, that the positive connection between cellulite and coffee can be seen when coffee is used as a topical application. Topical applications of coffee can be used on cellulite areas where coffee can seep in and perform its role. In topical applications coffee can help break down fat deposits. Aside from helping break fat, coffee also promotes proper blood flow which is crucial in eliminating the broken down fat and the toxins from the body. Coffee therefore works best against cellulite not as a drink but as a topical application.

How to Use Coffee

People are trying to explore several ways of using coffee to treat cellulite. Home coffee remedies for cellulite seem to work to some extent for some individuals.

Cellulite and coffee are also being studied by skin product laboratories and manufacturers as well. In recent years, coffee topical solutions for cellulite have been formulated. In most cases, these commercial applications are better choices than home remedies. This is because good products contain a lot of other ingredients that can support the function of coffee. An ingredient like L-carnitine for example can work together with coffee in getting rid of excess fat.

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