Bulk Green Tea

It is a fantastic thing to stock up on bulk loose tea, especially before colder weather sets in. Green tea is especially flavorful. Curling up with a good book and a cup of green tea is one of the many pleasures of winter.

If you really want to experiment with flavors, you will want to try bulk loose tea. This allows you to blend your own custom flavors that will suit your every mood and need. Green tea also comes in a bulk loose tea form, and works well in a tea strainer that can be placed in a tea cup or teapot, and then hot water is added to either basin. The tea is allowed to steep, and then the tea remains are easily removed, offering you the perfect cup or pot of tea. Bulk green tea powder is the form commonly used that you will find in tea bags.

Bulk green tea is often blended with mint for a light, refreshing cupful. Often spices are added to bulk green tea for a flavor boost. You could try this tea and add in a lemon spice mix for a delicious taste treat. Green Chai tea is another wonderful choice that features bulk green tea powder, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and even black pepper. Earl Grey green is another type that features the great distinctive flavor of bergamot.

Bulk green tea is a type of herbal tea. One of the many benefits that comes from drinking herbal tea, besides the great taste, is that it is typically low in caffeine. For those who get stomach upset or the jitters from consuming caffeinated beverages, herbal teas provide a delicious solution to this common dilemma.

Bulk green tea, which also comes in a bulk green tea powder form, has some dietary health benefits. This succulent tea contains both B and C vitamins, along with riboflavin, niacin and folic acid.

There are different types of bulk green tea that you will enjoy tasting. Chunmee tea is a naturally sweet-tasting tea, perfect for those who would like to eliminate sugar from the diet yet still enjoy the taste of sweetness. Silversprout tea is a green type, and the name refers to the youthfulness of the Camellia sinensis leaves from which it is made. You will also find Indian tea that is green as well as decaffeinated, brewing up to a wonderful warm drink.

No matter what form it takes, green tea, along with bulk green tea powder, offer the taste that you want with the convenience of bulk quantities.

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