Could a Green Tea Diet

Everyone who feels that they need to shed a few pounds are familiar with their calorie intake and have more than likely tried many diet plans and along with those diet plans instead of trying to stick with water may have given into the temptation of drinking fizzy sodas and squash which are laden with sugar…and calories…because drinking water is not the most exciting! What many people may not have considered is that green tea, as part of a correctly monitored diet and exercise can contribute to weight loss and sustaining that weight loss. Green Tea and its fat burning properties is becoming a more and more talked about contributor to weight loss.

Green Tea Natural Weight Loss

Before Meals

When you feel hungry one tends to eat a large amount in a very small amount of time, if you are on a diet then it may not be enough to satisfy you and you may be tempted to eat ‘just a little bit more’. Drinking water before you eat can help make you feel satisfied earlier when you are eating and therefore you won’t eat so much. Try substituting green tea instead of water. It can be drunk warm or chilled and if you are not so keen on the taste you can spruce it up by adding lemon juice or a small amount of honey.

With Meals

Green Tea drunk with a meal can provide an aid to digestion and will help you stay hydrated. One of the properties of green tea is as an appetite suppressant so adding green tea to your diet can help you to lose weight and keep the pounds off.

Between Meals

One dieter’s nightmare is not being able to graze between meals. If you have added green tea to your diet then drinking a few cups between meals will help to fill you up. By substituting a glass instead of a snack the weight should start falling off in no time.

There are so many health benefits of green tea that it would be a loss if you don’t consider adding it as part of your diet. You will only benefit and if you are substituting a cup of green tea for the snacks you would normally consume then you will have the added benefit of consuming the recommended amounts. To keep the weight off, don’t discard the green tea but try and turn drinking it into a habit. If you have difficulty drinking so much green tea then perhaps try green tea weight loss supplements commonly known as fat burners. Drinking tea is an age old habit so if you don’t drink it then why not start now and feel the benefits of green tea.

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