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Drinking wine is a good time no matter the specific occasion. That being said, drinking it with friends is ideal. One way to do that is to throw a wine tasting party. If this sounds like a good idea, here is a guide to how you do it.

A wine tasting party may just sound like a good time, but it actually has a purpose. The goal is to compare a number of wines and discuss the merits, or lack thereof, with the other people who are involved in the sampling.

Generally speaking, most successful wine tasting parties follow a pretty clear script. A lack of organization can lead to a good time, but not much wine education. With this in mind, the rules for wine tasting parties are as follows.

You are going to need people to actually do the tasting. I recommend that you select friends who have roughly the same level of wine knowledge. This will result in a more balanced comparison versus involving experts with beginners.

There is a second issue with your tasters. Specifically, how many do you invite? The ideal number has proven to be six total. This allows for the tasters to all sit around a table, do some tasting and then discuss the wine without having to yell.

Now we turn to the actual wine of choice. Specifically, what will it be? You should pick a niche of some sort. Perhaps reds from Argentina or whites from Napa from 1991. The goal is to pick wines that can be realistically compared to each other.

There are also practical matters to consider. Every person is responsible for bringing a bottle of wine. Every person is also responsible for bringing six wine glasses or a number reflecting how many people will be there. The host does not get hung with this duty.

Keeping notes of your wine drinking escapades is smart move. You want to recall what made you smile and that made your eyes water. Nomad Wine Journals are about the best for note taking, but anything will do so long as you use it.

The point of the tastings is to determine which wine tastes good alone, not with cheese or other food. While the tastings are occurring, there should be no food on the table. You want to isolate the taste of the wine. You can eat later.

Finally, keep in mind you will need spit cups. Huh? When you do tastings, do not swallow. Spit out the sips until the tasting is over. Paper cups serve this purpose well. When done, you just toss them and then start drinking the bottles you liked.

Drinking wine with friends is fun, so do not stress too hard over the finer points of the wine tasting process. Just make sure to take notes so you remember the vintage you preferred the next morning!

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