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Wine racks are indispensable piece of furniture for wine collectors and for those avid wine drinkers. Wine racks are much more than just another piece of furniture. A beautiful wine rack in the house will certainly become an attraction appreciated by the family and discussed by one's friends. In order to decide on the right wine rack, one has to find answers on several questions. Can I afford one, which style will match my dining room furniture,. questions that need to be addressed. More than one dilemma is going to cross your mind before you actually go into action. Do you need a wine storage rack? For people who appreciate a sip of quality wine, a wine rack will perfectly support that passion. Besides providing optimal storage environment for wine bottles a rack will also magnificently display ones favorite bottles to the family, friends and occasional visitors. A cleverly chosen wine rack makes one's home shine in that special "upper class" flair. Wine bottle rack is still a strong statement of wealth and a healthy life style. Will a wood wine rack do better than a metal wine rack? There are literally unlimited possibilities regarding the choice of material for a wine rack. Nevertheless metal and wood are still favored by large majority. Speaking of wood, a passionate wine collector will quickly find his wine rack even if it has to be made of most exotic wood sorts in the world. Regarding metal wine racks; one can find them made of wrought iron, high polished stainless steel, copper or silver. How to pick out a piece that will stay in trend for decades? Firstly, one should know that they come in different styles and designs: wall mounted, self standing units, cellar units, hanging wine racks,... For all those that intend to spend more money on a wine rack which will keep its value for decades, classically designed hardwood (preferably oak or mahogany) free standing wine rack will be the choice to make. Which room is the best for a wine rack? In a small to mid-size apartment a wine rack would traditionally find its place in the kitchen or in a dining room. Owners of large and spacey apartments should consider choosing living room for a nice free standing wine rack. Generally there are no limitations on where a wine rack should find its place. Those true wine lovers will tend to have their wine collection displayed in a room where family and friends spend majority of their time. Is a new wine rack too expensive for me? An average wine rack with capacity of up to 100 bottles and made of cheaper wood or plastic will cost you around 50 USD. Quality wood wine rack storing 60-70 bottles will cost you over 200 USD. Iron wine racks require much more work to achieve their final design and style, therefore a mid-class wrought iron wine rack capacity of up to 50 bottles will cost you at least 350 USD. However one puts it, a decent wine rack will always look great in any apartment. Wine racks may not be something that you necessary need, but it can be something that brings a lasting experience of joy to those real wine connoisseurs.

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