The Wine Variations

The many wine variations that can be found in wines these days, comes as the result of many different processes. As you know wines don’t only have to vary according to color or whether it’s bubbly or not. Wine Variations can occur depending on the type of grape that’s used. Or indeed if there is more than one type of grape used.

In this case the naming conditions will also vary, with some wines being named after the type of main grape used, or even according to the region it was made in. Then of course you have the wine variations that come from harvest conditions. This includes the quality of the harvest for a particular year. If the conditions leading up to the harvest were not good, then there’s a good chance that the grapes themselves won’t turn out to be anything spectacular.

On the other hand, you might have heard of certain years being recommended above others. These are the years when the grape harvest for a particular crop of grapes came through in winning style.

The next wine variation that you get from harvest time is the ripeness of the grape. Generally if they are plucked when the grape is fully ripe, the wine will become a sweet one. And conversely if the grape is plucked before it becomes fully mature, the wine it is used for will lean towards the dry side of life.

Next on the list of wine variations comes the actual vinification, or the winemaking process. Here, the ultimate taste and texture of the wine will be determined, and set according to what type of wine the winemaker is looking for.

And lastly, wine variation can also be found through the different fermentation and ageing processes used for different wines. Red wines receive its color through the skin which is left in during the fermentation process. Sometimes the additional flavors and aromas that you get in wines can also be found as a result of storing it in certain types of barrels, like oak barrels.

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