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For the wine lovers the collection of the different varieties of wine is one of the most preferred jobs. The more the number of wines they collect the more they become crazy to collect some of the ecstatic wines and of course they should know how well they need to store their loved wines. However the majority of the people do not build the wine cellar which is one of the best ways to store the wine. They do not build the wine cellar because of the cost involved in it. However there is no thing to regret as there are many other ways in which you can preserve your lovable wines.

As the storage of the wines is concerned it is essential that you identify the types of the wines, as the different kinds of the wines require the different storage. For example the sparkling wine is more likely to change when it is exposed to light or direct sunlight. It is quite ok if you are planning to keep the wine in the bottle for few days outside, but incase you are intending to serve the wine after a few days then it is preferable that you store the sparkling variety of wine in the refrigerator.

On the other hand the white wines are also more prone to change when they are kept under the direct exposure of sunlight, so it would be preferable that you store the white wines in a cool place like the refrigerator. It is important to remember that while you are serving the some of the best wines not to serve then completely chilled as they tend to lose their flavors in extreme cold. The preferred temperature at which you can serve the white and the sparkling wines is not less than 45° F. As far as the wines which are served with the deserts, for these wines also they taste wonderful when they are served at the normal room temperature as the actual taste of wines is only felt at it.

Incase you are intending to serve the red wines like the Merlots then they have to be stored in the refrigerator, but as far as the serving is concerned red wines as a rule need to be served at the room temperature. As it is essential that one day before serving, you allow the wines to retain or get back to the room temperature.

Incase you are intending to store all our wines on to a shelf then it is ideal that you serve the sparkling wine on to the last shelf. The white wines can be preserved on the shelf above the sparkling wines and the red wines above the white wines. This suggestion is based on the fact that there is more heat as the height increases. Hence the wines like the sparkling wine that require low temperature rest beneath. The wine rack should not be in a position that is under the direct influence of sunlight. The other alternative to the wine rack can be a classic glass door refrigerator.

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