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You might not have even thought about it; however, wine auctions and online wine sales are now big business. Offline wine sales is something you are probably already aware of, but there are online wine sales which are becoming much more popular as time passes. If it's for private companies getting rid of end of ranges, overstocks and the like or charities doing fundraising efforts through auctioning off bottles of wine, there are bargains to be had by average consumers with a bit of an adventurous soul.

Auctioneers forecast a continued but subdued market for wine auctions this year. Wine auctions are the perfect way to find those hard-to-find wine gems, if you know what you are looking for or just to pick up a bargain.

The publicity that the oldest and most expensive wines sold at auction garner, might give many consumers the idea that wine auctions are for connoisseurs and the very rich. In most cases, this is a mistaken assumption. In some of the better-publicized wine auctions for charity, you can make a charitable donation and in return receive a delectable bottle of wine.

Wine auctions are usually live events like those you have seen in the movies, but in reality, they are also a great deal of fun. With the exception of high-profile sales like the spectacular events with notables like Andrew Lloyd Webber, most auctions are actually quaint and lovely little gatherings that have a cozy, friendly quality surrounding them. After the trade bids which account for about 70% of the auction, the remaining 30% is made available at bargain prices for anyone who is interested.

While there are a number of well-heeled patrons bidding in the thousands for a single bottle of a specialty offering, wine auctions are mainly made up of donations made to local charities in exchange for a bottle of wine. With online auctions, research can be done prior to bidding. After an auction has concluded, a would-be bidder can use the prices of that auction to get a good idea of the going rate for various bottles of wine. This way, you will be very prepared when the next auction starts. Online wine sales allow prospective visitors the time to do great background searches of the databases to ascertain what to bid.

Wine auctions bring with them a certain level of excitement and with that comes impulse buying and the chance that a bidder can get caught up in the moment when it comes to a bidding war. To avoid this, you will need to research prior to attending either an online wine auction or an offline event.

Knowing what the various wines are worth and what you are prepared to bid will go a long way towards offsetting the "getting caught in the moment" of an auction. For wine houses, it is a convenient way to open up their wine cellars and dispose of wine that would otherwise spoil. Auctions are also typically set to go through lunch hours for obvious reasons. The heaviest bidding occurs in the middle of the day, and thinks about it, what a lovely way to enjoy our purchase.

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