Wine: How To Get Started

Wine can be a confusing thing. There are so many types of wine to choose from that the beginner wine-drinker feels totally confused by what is on offer. He feels he needs a huge amount of knowledge to even begin to understand the subject. Never mind choosing a bottle of wine to drink!

But it really doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Just remember one rule: wine is made to be enjoyed. And so the first thing you need to do when choosing your wine is remember that it doesn’t matter what the experts say. Just concentrate on what you think of the taste.

That sounds simple, and it is. But it’s something that a lot of people forget when starting to drink wine. What you think of the taste of the wine is the most important thing.

But there is a warning. In order to really appreciate wine, you need a few pointers. Not to the "best" or the most expensive bottles of wine. But actually away from the "worst" and the cheapest. (Though that’s not so say that a cheap bottle of wine can’t be enjoyable. It can. But some wines are really not worth trying, and can put the budding wine enthusiast right off the subject before he even gets a partial feel for what makes a good wine.)

So instead of worrying about what you should drink, it’s better to discover what you definitely shouldn’t drink.

And once the newcomer to wine is away from the worst and the cheapest, he will find a wonderful world of tasty (and often inexpensive) wine, right at his doorstep. Then once he begins to get a feel for the various tastes and bouquets of the various wines, he will be able to begin to make his own judgments as to what makes a really good wine.

Then the fun really starts.

So the best advice about wine is to take a bit of advice about wine. But not too much. Take just a little advice about wine. And then just enjoy the wine.

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