Making A Wine Rack: Easier Than You Might Think

Making a wine rack can be a very rewarding process to everyone, especially to anyone who likes a "do-it-yourself" type of project. Wine racks are ideal for wine connoisseurs that want to have a wine rack in their cellar or kitchen, but do not have sufficient space.

The wine rack is basically made up of two long pieces of timber of equal width and length for the sides, and can be placed alongside existing wall units, above a refrigerator, or wherever you have the space.

Typically, standard size wine racks have anywhere from three to six columns, each type varying in terms of how deep it is. The measurements may have to be altered for your unique situation.

No Expensive Tools Required

One reason why you may enjoy making your own wine rack is because you won't need any sophisticated or expensive tools in order to complete it. In fact, you will probably have the tools you need already around your house.

No Special Skills Needed

Another reason why you will enjoy making a wine rack is for the simple fact that you won't need years of experience in order to successfully complete the installation yourself. Even if you have only basic carpentry skills, you should be just fine.

Helpful Tips

When making a wine rack, it's a good idea to use precut templates which are equal to the width of the horizontal and vertical pieces. Using a hot iron, apply the pre-glued edging to the exposed areas of timber at the front of the wine rack.

If you are attaching the wine rack to other wall cabinets, it is important that they are installed before you install the rack. Once completed, use wood filler to fill in the cracks and hide the nails.

Wood Selection

With all of the different kinds of wine racks to choose from, the task of finding the perfect one is indeed quite daunting. However, for those who want a bit of decorative uniqueness, a mahogany wine rack is an excellent choice.

The first thing that any wine enthusiast looking to buy a mahogany wine rack would wonder would be in regards to whether or not the wood itself was sturdy and of excellent quality. Mahogany is a very reliable wood, and since it is often used in furniture making, it is an ideal wood for making a wine rack.

Also, wine enthusiasts will notice that if they choose to polish their mahogany wine rack, they will notice that the mahogany gives off a lovely, rich reddish color. Because of the adaptability of mahogany wood, there are many different ways in which a mahogany wine rack can be presented.

Selecting the wood, measuring the dimensions, imagining the finished product, and putting in the labor are all important steps that all wine enthusiasts will enjoy in the process of making a wine rack.

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