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So, you have been making your own wine at home, it is good but you feel it could be better. You are ready to take your winemaking skills to a new level. How to do this? Well, why not a wine making course?

Wine making courses are now available online and through educational facilities and distance learning. The Internet has really come into it’s own, with courses. It is an ideal way to learn, your own time and often times your own pace.

You can also find out more about learning winemaking from the courses offered online and without the hassle of going from place to place, campus to campus.

As home wine making has become so popular, winemaking courses are often offered through your local brew shop. Your local brew shop would be the best place to start your enquiries if you wish to have a hands-on type course. Often times they run their own course for their customers to help them get off to a good start. This is an ideal way to start learning winemaking.

There are also winemaking courses online. This is what I found for a wine making course offered by UC Davis Extension, they are offering short courses for a number of wine making and grape growing classes. They have begun to adapt the winemaking courses so they are offered through the distant learning via the Internet.

More information on class schedules and requirements can be found on the University Extension web site. Look up UC Davis Extension for winemaking to get more information.

There is also an excellent course offered through NMIT in Melbourne Australia, and this is an online course also.

This course, Introduction to Winemaking, is suited to people with access to grapes and who wish to produce their own wine as a hobby, salespeople working in industries allied to winemaking, those considering entering the wine industry, people employing consultant winemakers and interested consumers.

It covers a range of winemaking topics that will enable students to gain a good understanding of the practical skills required to make a sound table wine.

The topics covered in this short course include:

* Assessing fruit quality
* Juice extraction - crushing and pressing
* Yeast and the fermentation process
* Sugar and acid measurements
* Malolactic fermentation
* Additives
* Common winemaking faults

You can find out more about this course by searching online for winemaking courses, it is the one by NMIT which is a learning institution situated in Melbourne, Australia

If you are looking for a career in the wine industry then this facility below, may be something like you should be looking for. It is the same facility as above. This site will give you some idea of what to look for when shopping around for the right course for you.

I found it when looking for wine industry jobs and winemaking courses. This is taking your wine making course to a whole new level.

This is something that you could look forward to, some of what has been set up for students to learn and be ready to work in the industry.

* NMIT first established an eight-hectare vineyard at its property at Eden Park in the Plenty Valley in 1995 and nine years later, in 2004, it opened an extremely modern and sophisticated 100-tonne winery at its Epping campus, in northern Melbourne.

This winery has a capacity to hold 90,000 litres in stainless steel tanks of varying size, enabling students to undertake research in different winemaking techniques. There are also laboratories for further wine research.

Reaching beyond the vineyard and extending through to vintage production, bottling and marketing of the new wine allows students to participate in an all-embracing winemaking enterprise in a holistic approach.

* In 2002, NMIT also developed a 30-hectare vineyard at its new Ararat campus in rural Victoria in The Grampians , which completed its first vintage in 2005. To complement this vineyard, a new 250-tonne winery is currently under construction at the campus and expects to be fully operational before the end of 2005.

* A two-hectare vineyard has also been developed at another new NMIT training centre at Yarra Glen, located in the Yarra Valley.

They offer courses in many areas of wine making, quite a list to choose from.

When doing a course online, you will have access to the instructors via email and often times chat lines. Many online courses offer the group type chats, where you can talk to other students online via systems like Skype and compare how you are going. Great for getting help with problems too.

I've added these excerpts for you so you can get an idea of what is available. The wine making industry is one of the most fascinating and if you enjoy wine making at home and find you have a passion for it, then why not take it further and do that wine making course, a short course to start and then decide if this is where you would love to be, making wine, getting up in the mornings and just loving going to work.

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