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If you drink wine you may recognize this issue. You drink half a bottle after entertaining guests or family. After the guests leave or you are done with dinner you re-cork the bottle of wine. Four days later when you go back to drink the left over wine you find that the delicate aromas and flavors are gone and that the wine is about half as good as it was on the first day. Vacuum Wine Storage may be an easy simple solution to your problem.

While it is easy to see why you'd want to just pop the cork back into the bottle and stick it in the refrigerator to store your left over wine I'm going to show you why you will change your mind after this. First and foremost most wines lose many of their flavors and aromas just after 2 days of opening. While the wine cork itself offers a little protection from oxygen getting back into the wine the bad news is that oxygen has already entered the wine which in turn begins the spoiling process. That means by this time your wine is already not as good as the first glass and no longer as fresh. I don't know about anyone else but I only like to drink and eat the freshest wines and foods. Call me picky but thats what I enjoy about what I consume;freshness.

The best two ways to properly reseal and store your wine are very simple solutions but be prepared to spend a small amount of money. The first way a vacuum wine pump. A vacuum wine pump which you may have already guessed pumps the left over oxygen out of your wine. The easiest to use and best model is a Vacu-Vin Concerto Wine Saver which will cost you about $20. Not bad considering the it will keep your wine fresh for about an extra week, so in total about 10 days. You simply pump the air out of the bottle until the unit provides an audible click to let you know when the perfect vacuum level has been reached then place the vacu-vin bottle sealer on the top and place the bottle back into the refrigerator.

The second way and my favorite way is to use the Metrokane V-1 Decanter. The Metrokane V-1 Decanter is a great tool because it combines a decanter with a vacuum sealer and sells for about $79. The decanter itself is a lead free crystal and sleek in design. Its use is simple and it decants the wine which allows aeration for the best flavor as well as vacuum sealing when you are done. First you pour your wine into the decanter straight from your wine bottle to aerate the wine which starts the decanting process. After your wine has aerated 20-30 minutes serve it to you or your guests. When done drinking the wine you simply pump out the oxygen with the vacuum pump it comes with and place the sealing stopper into the decanter bottle and refrigerate. Its that easy to preserve your wine for up to two weeks. This particular product is my favorite not only due to the fact that its easy to use and store and relatively inexpensive but they also offer a 5 year warranty on the product.

Since I have been using vacuum sealing for my wine I will never go back to just plunging a regular cork back in the bottle. The ultimate in freshness is easy and affordable and once you have the vacuum sealers they last for years. You only need one vacuum sealer unless you plan on opening and consuming more than one bottle of wine at a time.

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