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Hello, how are you? Today, we are in "Sin City", otherwise known as Las Vegas. What a sight it is. We could only wish that you were here this afternoon to see how clear the sky is. It's Friday, and you can feel the energy in the air as everyone is preparing for the weekend. As always, I'm here to experience what Las Vegas has to offer when it comes to fine dining. Well, to have a little fun in the meantime too! What better place to start than the Bellagio? They have some of the most sought after clothing in the world, wonderful shows, and great gift shops. But we were interested in seeing what the buffet had to offer. Food is one thing at the Bellagio that you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for. An outfit is another story. A man in a blue suit walked toward me, and I asked him if he could direct me to the restaurant. He looked like an older version of Kevin Costner. Anyway, I made my way to the buffet, and thought, Sacramento needs one of these. Earlier, I'd watched a little of the Las Vegas Summer league. All the excitement caused me to work up an appetite. There were clams, crab, shrimp...I wasn't in the mood for barbecue today. I can eat as much barbecue as my stomach can handle once I get back to Sac. I'll head straight for A Southern Komfort Cafe. For some reason, I had a taste for seafood. I ate until the button on my shirt was on the verge of popping. Then I thought, I wonder what show I'm missing right now. Is there a title fight going on at the MGM? At Bally's? Is there some famous comedian with a show lined up for later on? Only one way to find out. Well, I enjoyed my stay at the restaurant, and since I was not about to spend $300 on a shirt and pants, my stay at the Bellagio was going to come to an end. Hope to see you back in Sacramento, where I am planning to talk about some new recipes that are going to be placed onto the Southern Komfort Cafe website. Till then!

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