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Many families know you can't please everyone. We have a large family and this is a well known fact to us. From movies, shopping, who sets where, and especially what do you want for dinner. Many times where and what we eat, can cause huge debate.

Have you ever ordered light when eating out because your money is tight, just to get your bill for more then you think and then the tip? This use to happened to me. Now we don't go out to eat very much at all and find it's a lot of fun for the family to recreate our favorite foods, whether it be a KFC Chicken recipe or our favorite Applebee's meal.

When I first heard about this program from a friend, I decided to go online and get my own copy. When I went online I found quiet a few programs offering some of the same dishes and some different ones. So I decided to do a product guide review of a few available programs. I selected some of the top choices available for my review, and gave my preference but made these items available for you to review as well.

One thing my family thinks is kind of funny is when my son or I build something or work on something we never look at directions, because we want to figure it out for ourselves or it takes to long. My son and I measure everything out exact when cooking, because as my son said we got to put it in our mouth. My kids still laugh because I cooked a frozen pizza with the cardboard still under it. I know my kids and wife don't see me as a great cook but when I follow some of these recipes my kids ask for dads pizza sauce or dads KFC Chicken recipe. You should understand that my son and I live in the house with my wife and my 4 daughters. They all can cook better then me, that's probably including the 7 year old too.

You may not see yourself as a great cook. At this time you may not see yourself making food for friends or family. However these recipes are kind of addictive and you will find your self showing off, even calling it your recipe. You are probably already a better cook then me and if not you probably eat out quit a bit.

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