Which Chicken Recipe Do You Prefer?

In every kitchen –probably around the worldâ€"you should be able to find a chicken recipe for fried chicken or chicken soup. It is safe to assume that these two foods are pretty much universal to the human race.

You will probably find that there are hundreds of chicken recipes for fried chicken. The variations will be in what type of breading is used, or for that matter if any breading is used. Then, you find the variations of spices to mix with the breading.

There will also be those who will try to make fried chicken skinless now because it has become the fad to eliminate as much fat and carbs from the diet as possible. And more than likely you will find that their attempts to make a fried chicken dinner from a skinless chicken will be delectable. Let’s face it some people really are very talented in the kitchen.

No matter what fried chicken recipe is used and no matter where in the world it is created, one thing is absolutely certain. Fried chicken is one of the single-most favorite foods of millions of people world wide.

Americans love their fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet corn, and a lovely tossed green salad. Don’t forget that lovely roll to go along with such a fried chicken feast.

Then there is of course chicken soup. It is probably every mother’s specialty. Of course each recipe for chicken soup is going to be uniquely the creation of that family. Probably the chicken recipe has been being passed down from generation to generation. Your mom is probably making the same basic chicken soup that your great grandmother made – with her own special touches of course.

Mothers have been serving chicken soup or chicken broth or chicken & noodles or chicken dumplings recipes as a solution to improving the overall health of their families since there was fire and chicken to put on it.

Whether or not there is truth to the healing powers of chicken soup needs its own research, but don’t think for a moment that you will ever convince a mother that her chicken soup does not heal her loved ones when they are ill. She’ll tell you straight up that it does..

So the question will more than likely be one that takes us through to eternity. And maybe there is no such thing as a preference for one chicken recipe over the other. Maybe it is simply both are the favorites and it is the mother who knows which one to prepare and when to prepare it.

And that brings us to the age-old adage of a very simple saying which no person in their right mind would ever refute.

Mother knows best.

If mom says that it is the chicken soup. Go with it.

If mom says that it is fried chicken – do not refute her.

She knows her chicken recipe and when to serve it.

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