Cooking Party Invitations Made Easy

Cooking party invitations can be made cordially polite or they can be made comically humorous. Whatever your flavor, we’ve got the recipes for unique, personalized, your ingredients only, cooking party invitations.

Cooking Party Invitations – Whip ‘em Up

Whip up your own, personalized cooking party web page through the use of over 60 multi media web tools. And do it for free. When you’re done, your page will look like you’re a masterful web designer, but actually no technical experience is needed. These tools are completely simple to use and the personalization options are limitless.

Make the perfect recipe for a cooking party web page easily by adding pictures of superb dishes, videos of top chefs, instructions on how to make your favorite dish, and more. Add some upbeat music to play while the page is being visited. Post bloopers of Martha Stewart. Don’t forget to post the date, time, and location of the Christmas party. You wouldn’t want to leave that out. What about adding a map to the location? Your guest will appreciate that.

Party Invitations – Send Out Samplers

You will bring your guests to your cooking party page electronically by sending emails with direct links to your page. They will click the link, come onto your page, and see the guest list that includes them. You can add pictures of them beside their names, if you’d like. When they see that they can communicate and interact with each other, they’ll start immediately and you’ll see so many recipe swaps going on you’ll think you in another decade. This also works superbly as an icebreaker before the party by introducing those who don’t know each other to each other.

Your guests will able to respond to your invitation and see how others have responded. They’ll be able to see who has confirmed they’ll be there, who is opting to skip out because they can’t handle to heat of the kitchen, and who just hasn’t responded yet.

Once you and they start networking, you will be able to get some excellent ideas from them on recipes, seasonings, sauce thickening secrets, and other cooking and baking tips. Some may even share family secret recipes. Add in cross references to other cooking party online groups and you’ll really get some great suggestions then because you would have opened up to a larger audience. Network with as many groups as you’d like for as long as you’d like. Maybe Gordon Ramsey will show up in the network. Wouldn’t that be cool?

For those iron chefs that have agreed to help you out at the party, help them out by reminding them of their tasks. Utilize the task manager to assign their responsibilities to them. Send out preset, automated email reminders about the tasks and for the cooking party.

If need be, you can even post the budget for the cooking party online and manage it from there. What a benefit. Why not use these Web 2.0 technologies to your advantage? Events Listed has made it possible for you and made it free. Bam! Spot on!

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