Ginseng Root Extract.

Till this day many people believed that ginseng has the mystical and curing power.The ancient Chinese believed that a plant that look alike to human body parts would have a healing effect on that body part. For example if the plant resemble a hand, then it has the power to heal hands. Since Ginseng looks like the whole body then it is believed that it can bring balance and well being to the whole body.

Ginseng are also known for creating energy. That's why most of the energy drinks contain ginseng. The Chinese are the one that learned about this.

Americans used ginseng to deal with mental lucidity and stress. Ginseng has always been connected with its power to tone up physical as well as mental therefore maintaining good body balance.

The Asians have discovered that Ginseng facilitates mental betterments, eradicates anemia and helps prevent diabetes, neurosis, coughs, asthma, and T.B. Likewise they believed that it is beneficial to the well being of liver and can significantly cut the effects of hangover.

There are a lot of research done on Ginseng compared to other herbal supplements. One of the concern that people have nowadays is that they don't get the genuine Ginseng anymore because of the chemically factory processed..

The only way to be sure that you get the authentic Ginseng is to buy the Ginseng root. Despite of all the research and studies conducted on Ginseng, it is still not yet endorsed by the FDA.

Be warned that if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, clotting and bleeding disorder, do not use Ginseng unless with the approval of your health care professional or doctors.

Ginseng act both as medicinal herbs as well as delicacies in cooking. This is quite common in Asian cooking particularly in Korean and Chinese dishes. Ginseng are also put in tea for curing and pleasure purposes.

It is usually chopped, mashed and added into boiling soups. Sometimes it is also added to stir fry dishes and during the cooking of steam rice. Commonly Ginseng is used together with the preparation of chicken and mushroom dishes.

Apart from regular cooking, Ginseng is also used in the preparation of dessert, salads and even jellies. Usually people who love cooking with Ginseng are the vegetarians. Today as more and more people learn about the benefits of Ginseng. it is becoming more of a household kitchen ingredients.

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