How Spices Can Help Save Your Life

It’s hard to believe, but the spices that add such wonderful flavor and fragrance to your baked pies, muffins, cookies and cakes can also add unique medicinal value to your health. Scientific evidence has shown, through clinical trials and studies, that a few of your favorite ingredients can also have great impact on your health and well-being.


Cinnamon is one of the most popular and well known spices in the world. It also has unusually potent healing abilities that come from the substances found in the essential oils in its bark.

A study reported by the journal Diabetes Care concluded that taking just a half teaspoon of cinnamon every day, radically reduces the level of blood sugar in people with Type II diabetes, as well as decreasing their triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels.

Other health benefits associated with cinnamon include:

1)Aiding digestion
2)Relieving stiffness of muscles and joints
3)Killing harmful bacteria such as E. coli
4)Relieving menstrual cramps
5)Relieving arthritic pain
6)Preventing urinary tract infections
7)Relieving congestion
8)Increasing circulation
9)Increasing brain activity
10) Preventing tooth decay and gum disease
11) Toning of tissues


The mention of nutmeg usually conjures up images of holiday dishes and aromas. But nutmeg has more to offer all year round than just spicing up your holiday season.

Nutmeg, a native spice of the Moluccas Islands in the South Pacific, has been known to have the following health benefits:

1)Lowers blood pressure
2)Soothes digestive upset
3)Eases joint pain and inflammation
4)Provides relief from diarrhea
5)Promotes concentration
6)Stimulates the cardiovascular system
7)Relieves pain from tooth aches
8)Relieves nausea
9)Relieves insomnia
10) Calms muscle spasms and anxiety
11) Helps remove toxins from the liver


Cloves are used frequently in gingerbread cookie, pumpkin pie, and even chili recipes for added warmth, sweetness and fragrance. But the active component in cloves volatile oils, eugenol, have made them the subject of numerous studies.

The results of these health studies revealed the following ways in which cloves are helpful:

1)Acts as a mild anaesthetic
2)Acts as an anti-bacterial agent
3)Reduces inflammatory symptoms
4)Relieves symptoms associated with asthma
5) Relieves symptoms of rhuematism and arthritis
6)Eliminates intestinal parasites
7)Contains excellent sources of dietary fiber
8)Contains excellent sources of Vitamin C
9)Contains excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids
10)Contains good sources of Calcium
11) May stimulate creativity and mental focus
12) Prevents toxicity from environmental pollutants

As you can see, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves have many therapeutic effects and add significant value to a healthy diet. However, it’s recommended that they not be eaten every day or you run the risk of developing an allergy to them. Also, spices are not necessarily a "cure" for disease, but are rather an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle.

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