Using Herbs In Your Cooking

We may have gone to fancy restaurants or have had dinner in a friend’s house where we have tasted certain dishes that just seem to be oozing with personality. What I mean here is that they just taste so downright delicious that we immediately ask that friend for a recipe. The success of creating a dish is a combination of several factors. You have to consider the abilities or skill of the person cooking and the most important of them all is the right combination of ingredients that make a dish delectable.

One of the factors that could definitely add flavor to any simple food for that matter would be herbs. Almost everybody who cooks use herbs in making their food taste scrumptious. The use of herbs can turn your simple dishes into fancy gourmet meals. The use of a certain herb or combination of several herbs can make or break the outcome of your dish. It can definitely add taste and zest to your recipes for your family to definitely savor every bite. Herbs may be in dried forms that are contained in bottles but fresh herbs are still best. Utilizing herbs in your cooking is great whether you are making a pot roast, a soup, a salad or even bread.

If you are a beginner at cooking or is not so familiar with what herbs goes with what, it is best that you add bit by bit or better yet start slow until you think you have gotten the right taste. Usually there is a rule of thumb with regards to what herb goes best with what but do not limit yourself to this because you can put your imagination at work and make your very own combination. You just need to experiment and for sure you’ll get that combination that suits you and your family’s taste.

To give you an idea just take note that the herb rosemary goes well with lamb. Oregano is great to add to sauces that you will be making. Basil brings out the flavor in tomatoes and chives go well when mixed with cream cheese or butter.

Herbs are great also for marinades, soups and most especially salad dressings. They are great to making a dish look great when used as a garnish. Fresh herbs can be stored in the refrigerator but not for long. You should freeze your fresh herbs and once frozen you can only use them for cooking.

There are lots of herbs and the varieties of the combinations are infinite. You’ll be cooking dishes tasting like those served in restaurants in no time.

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