The Cold & Flu Recipe That Works Like Magic

I thought I would share this REALLY WONDERFUL elixir with you all. It is my mother's recipe for colds and flus. It has been a standby for me all my life.

Slice up some citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit etc) and put it all in a large jug together with all or any of the following:

ginger root cut up

garlic chopped

whiskey (or whatever your favourite tipple may be)

a generous portion of honey

You could also add herbs and spices, as the fancy takes you, and then pour boiling water over the lot, brew as a tea, and drink as much as you can as hot as you can manage until you feel better. You can top up the pot with fresh boiling water until the ingredients are exhausted, and then you need to chop up a few more ingredients and start again!

This recipe will literally act like magic whenever you are ill. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

The Magic of Garlic

Of all the culinary items that's best for a detox, garlic comes top of the list. It cleanses the gastro-intestinal system, sterilizing it and creating a harmonious environment throughout. It has a cooling and cleansing action and is very soothing. It removes harmful globs of cholesterols and fats and cleanses the liver, encouraging it to health. It settles other secondary organs of the digestive system. Garlic is also good for the cardiovascular system, cleansing the arteries, improving the health of the skin, the balance of the mind and one's overall health.

It is recommended that you eat at least one whole clove a day! Do not cook the garlic as this destroys its benefits and never fry it with the onions. If you want to add garlic to cooked food, add the garlic at the end of the cooking time to get the full effect.

Some of you may be concerned about the strong aroma of garlic coming off your body after you've eaten it. If this is what happens, then this just goes to show how much you needed to be detoxified! This is actually an indicator of how much you needed the garlic to help you detoxify. Just keep at it. Eat a clove each day and you will find that over time the smell goes away. This will prove to you how effective it is in ridding your body of toxins and dissolving all those nasty cholesterol and fatty deposits!

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