How to Best Prepare Fish


2 lb fresh fish

4 tbsp EV olive oil

1 lemon or 2 limes

Fresh herbs, finely chopped

Salt, pepper

A pinch of hot sauce (optional)

Buy the fish fresh. When required it is acceptable to freeze it but it need to be really fresh before freezing in small portions, or better using a blast freezer.


Make sure the fish is properly cleaned and all bones are removed. Preferably make fillets (one side is the skin); if not possible make medallions (remove the bones from the sliced fish); season them with fresh ginger, garlic, fresh coarse pepper and/or your favorite herbs and spices. For the best result, insert the ginger and garlic into the flesh. Add Extra Virgin olive oil and lemon or lime juice. Marinate at least 2 hours at a cool spot.

Meanwhile, use the bones and lesser parts to make a broth (add finely chopped onion and carrots, no salt, cook on low fire for 1/2 hour). Sift the broth using a very fine sifter. Reduce until a light syrup (approx. 1 oz), add salt and pepper to taste, as well as chopped fresh herbs. I always add a tiny pinch of hot sauce as our restaurant is in the Caribbean..

Now it's time to fry the fish; do this on the last minute, just before serving. So make sure you have rice, potatoes, veggies ready.

On a high fire, heat olive oil (you may use the marinade oil) until it starts to steam.

Fry the medallions 10-15 seconds on both sides, then reduce the fire to very small and simmer 1 minute per 1/3" (8 mm) thickness at both sides.

The fillets are fried on the skin for 30 seconds, then cover with a lid and cook on a very low fire; do not turn the fish. It is important that the lid fits tightly with as little as possible "free" space under the lid. You can achieve that by placing a lid from a smaller pan over the fish. 20 seconds later, turn the fire off. For a 1/3 inch thick filet the fish is ready after 2 minutes. Remove the skin.

Both preparations are low on fat. So we can afford to make a sauce by mixing two parts of the heated fish broth concentrate and one part butter. Add the butter to the hot broth in small parts and turn off the fire a few seconds thereafter.

Serve the fish covered with the sauce that will enhance the flavor tremendously. Guests at our restaurant are often surprised when they hear they were served a fish they knew, but did not recognize.

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