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Recently, I was able to spend some time in Sweden. I was surprised to learn that seafood is very much a part of their culture. I guess the ocean is all around them, so that only makes sense, but being from the midwest, I just didn't think about it!

In my travels I was introduced to a shrimp recipe that I had never tried before and now that I am back in America I have been experimenting with this recipe and so far things have been surprising and wonderful.

It is easy to do, but this is my 'Americanized' version. You start by making the standard white cream sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add flour, stir and brown to make a rue. To thicken you add milk and let simmer.

A crumbly type of cheese is now added - such as ricotta, bleu, or parmesan. Be creative - make up your own kind of dishes. Experiment with different textures and flavors of cheese. You can use your old-time favorites or try something new.

Now it's time to add the curry! You can add as much or as little as you like, I prefer light curry. Don't forget that the more curry you add the stronger the flavor will be. Curry also gets stronger the longer it is cooked. Next, you will need to stir in premade pasta, like spaghetti, and pre cooked shrimp.

I buy my shrimp frozen and precooked since I am not by a coast fresh is nearly impossible and raw frozen is not a lot of fun to deal with. There are many variations you can do on this shrimp recipe. You can turn it into a casserole for the entire family, you can hold the pasta separate and pile on the shrimp and sauce with a sprinkling of paprika and fresh cilantro and make your evening meal look expensive and elegant.

You could also skip the slaving away at the sauce event and opt to use a pre-made alfredo sauce. Although many pre-made alfredos are quite think and rich, you can thin it out a bit with milk and then add your cheese(s), curry, onion, garlic and whatever else you come up with to throw in.

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