Some Nice Ideas For Preparing Seafood

I was having company for dinner that night, 12 people, and I could feel the stress because I hadn't figured out what to make yet.
This was a major deal for us. Not just a regular dinner party,this was a party that included my husband's business partners. This dinner would be a make it or break it deal and I needed to make this dinner work. I knew that not only was my husband's big deal on the line but the new house we had been looking at.
I had mapped out all the rooms in my head and decided what I wanted to use each room for. I then searched relentlessly for recipes and ideas for a very elegant dinner. However, many of the ideas I found looked inexpensive and plain and I began to have concerns.
If I tried to serve something like roast or meatloaf to these guys, we'd all of a sudden be living a life of poverty on our own. Flipping a few more pages, it finally hit me. I needed to look at the seafood recipes. Seafood is always so swank, and would be the perfect thing to serve.
As I sat there staring blankly at what seemed to be hundreds of pages of great choices I thought seafood would be awesome. I knew that had to make something great and 'take-out' wasn't an option. I also remembered that there was a local fish market not far away that had everything.
I had decided to do a fish recipe, something like cod, haddock, Chilean sea bass or even Red snapper. I imagined I could be on one of those top cooking shows.
Of course, an obvious choice to make a good impression would have been a recipe using lobster. However, I noticed that there were some very interesting crab based dishes. I could still make something fabulous with the look and feel of fancy restaurant food that must have been catered. I'm thrilled that I selected a seafood recipe!
The night went without a hitch. It was the best dinner party we had ever thrown. If it hadn't been for the food, I don't think we would have pulled the deal in, and now my husband is making six figures. I'm so glad I choose to look at the seafood recipes. I really think that it saved our life!

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